Tom Goss’s Body-Positive Music Video “Round In All The Right Places”

Tom Goss (photo: Daren Cornell)

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss is one of the most popular artists of the modern indie gay recording landscape, and for good reason.

Since his 2009 debut album, Back To Love, Goss has developed a loyal fan base who have come to know him through his wide-ranging, intimately-personal songs and music videos.

From the serious tenor of his acclaimed cover of the Dusty Springfield classic, “Son of a Preacher Man,” to his fun-filled, rollicking romp in “Bears,” Goss has consistently given fans music they can relate to that presents a diverse view of the queer community.

For example, the aforementioned “Bears” music video came out of a desire to share his appreciation for plus-size men.

Goss admits that he didn’t really have much of a sex drive until, at the age of 22, he discovered his attraction for big, beefy bears.

That revelation ultimately led to his 2010 marriage to husband, Mike Briggs.

Released in 2013, the “Bears” music video is an upbeat fantasy romp for Goss that’s earned him a ‘big’ following in the bear community.

But it seems Goss didn’t quite get his message out as articulately as he thought.

“Even after ‘Bears,’ people would constantly ask me if I really had a thing for large men,” says Goss. “I used to get annoyed by the question, but then I started to reflect on it and I came to the conclusion that I hadn’t done an adequate job of describing what is so intoxicating to me about men of size.”

“For this one, I wanted to write something that was more specific and mature,” he explains. “I wanted to be direct, honest and graphic; to really convey the shape, the allure, the seduction of big men.”

The result is Goss’ new music video, “Round in All the Right Places,” released October 12.

The song, written with a nod to the style of 60s doo-wop, is the first single from his upcoming 2019 album, Territories.

(Photo: Nathaniël Siri)

Directed and co-produced by Goss, with additional production and cinematography by Nathaniël Siri, the video for “Round in All the Right Places” features a several friends plus some men he approached online.

“I couldn’t be happier with the visuals, and the beautiful men behind the visuals,” Tom shares. “Yes, I absolutely objectify the men, but I’m careful to do it in a way that is respectful, artistic and focused on that which makes them beautiful and unique.”

“Too often in media, large men are painted as villains or buffoons; the butt of a joke,” says the guitar-toting troubadour. “The goal here was to uplift and empower men of size and embrace their beauty.”

And, for Goss, that body-positive message isn’t limited to just plus-sized men. “Everyone should see the beauty in themselves and love every inch of their bodies.”

Watch “Round in All the Right Places” below and find more info about Goss & his music at his official website here.

Tom Goss & The Shirtless Violinist Cover “Perfect”

Singer-songwriter Tom Goss met up with The Shirtless Violinist to record a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Matthew Olshefski, ‘The Shirtless Violinist,’ shares:

“Tom is an LA-based singer-songwriter who has been making viral music videos for years. He is an extraordinary guy with a mission to create content that uplifts the LGBTQ community, and he uses his voice (and incredibly songwriting abilities) to tell stories that are unique to the Queer community – with a special emphasis on BEARS!

“I had the pleasure of performing a song live onstage with Tom a few weeks ago while he was touring through Seattle (also when we managed to film this video on a rare sunny day in the Emerald City) – and the theater was packed with bears!! It was amazing! I’ve never had so many great hugs in one night.

“As you know, I recently covered this very song on my violin, but I really wanted to work with a singer so we could alter the lyrics ever-so-slightly. I think the twist on the words give this song a brand new feel, and I loved performing it with Tom.”

Really quite lovely. Beautiful musicality and Tom’s voice suits the arrangement perfectly.

The track is available on iTunes. Watch below.

Podcast: Emma Gonzalez’s Stunning Silence At The March For Our Lives, Trump Tries Trans Ban Again, Singer/Songwriter Tom Goss In Concert

In this week’s podcast:

• Out Parkland high school senior Emma González stunned the nation at the March for Our Lives with her powerful closing speech

• Donald Trump tried again this week with his ban on transgender soldiers in the US military

• Celebrities are buying out showings of the new coming out movie “Love, Simon” which has now grossed $24 million at the box office

• My review of out singer/songwriter Tom Goss live in concert

All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report.

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I like to think of this podcast as the 60 Minutes of gay news — only shorter 🙂

Podcast: SCOTUS Refuses Houston Same-Sex Marriage Benefits Review; “Call Me By Your Name” Racks Up More Awards; Tom Goss Has A Musical Message For Christmas

In this week’s podcast:

• The US Supreme Court denied the city of Houston’s request to review a court decision saying marriage equality doesn’t mean equal benefits.

• Bermuda is the first nation to legalize then repeal marriage equality.

• Gay coming of age movie “Call Me By Your Name” continues to rack up awards and nominations

• My suggestions for end of the year charitable donations.

• New music from Tom Goss “Gay Christmas”

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Out Music: Tom Goss “Gay Christmas”

A Randy Report favorite, singer/songwriter Tom Goss drops his latest single – “Gay Christmas” – just as many of us are making plans (or not) to head home for the holidays.

The track is classic Tom Goss as he trusts his solid melody and taut, sober lyrics to convey what many LGBTs feel during the holiday season.

Via press release:

The song, which comes out as millions of people head home for the holidays, was inspired by the pain many LGBT people feel while struggling to be accepted by their families and childhood friends.

“Too many of us have had to learn to accept less from our families when it comes to fully embracing us for who we are,” says Goss, who hails from Wisconsin but now lives in Los Angeles with his husband. “It’s become even worse since the election, due to the sense of betrayal we felt when we learned how family and friends voted. Yet we are expected to be the ones to forgive, to ‘move on’ and pretend everything is okay, even as the current administration and GOP keep supporting anti-gay politicians and policies.”

Though the song is somber — weary vocals set against a toy piano and music-box chimes — it ends with a redemptive and powerful decision: the narrator refusing to accept less by going home, choosing instead to spend Christmas in a better place.

The accompanying music video, directed by Nathaniël Siri, brings that positive ending to life. The camera follows five people who feel alienated from the Christmas spirit, but who redeem the day by gathering for a “Friendsmas” picnic.

“Gay Christmas” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and CD Baby.

New Music Video From Tom Goss: “Click – The Interactive Love Story”

Singer/songwriter Tom Goss takes you into the party with his new interactive music video, “Click – The Interactive Love Story.”

“Click” is the first “choose-your-own-love-story” music video.

After introducing you to the folks enjoying his Hollywood Hills party, you get to pick who you want to party with (Hallway Hooligans, Bar Flies, Water Babes, or Dancing Dolls).

The good news is they are all into you. And, if you find you’re not happy with your choice, you get to pick again on and on as you play out your interactive party date.

And, as always with Tom, the music is way catchy.

Watch below.

Out Music: Tom Goss “More Than Temporary”

Randy Report favorite Tom Goss shares this uber-romantical music video just in time for Valentine’s Day – “More Than Temporary” from his album, What Doesn’t Break.

In telling the story of blossoming young love, Tom spotlights senior LGBT couples as guiding inspiration.

From Tom: “If you let it, love will blossom. Look to these LGBT seniors for inspiration. Their example will light the way.”

“I’m grateful to those that have come before me. They have paved the way for the rights and privileges that I take for granted,” he told The Huffington Post. “Hopefully this video can highlight the beauty and inspiration of LGBTQ seniors, and in turn, give an example to those that are hesitant to dive into love.”

The video was directed by Christopher Turner, who makes a cameo appearance with his other half, author Armistead Maupin, well-known for his Tales of the City series of novels.

Click here for past posts where I’ve featured Tom’s music on The Randy Report.

News Round-Up: November 30, 2016

Fitness model Nick Sandell

Some news stories you may have missed:

• Who can ever get enough of fitness model Nick Sandell?

• After closing all LGBT charities and legally banning sexual lubricants (because they “promote” homosexuality) earlier this year, the government of Tanzania has now banned all HIV/AIDS outreach programs.

• After years of physical and verbal bullying, 13 year old Tyrone Unsworth of Australia committed suicide last week. “Faggot,” “fairy,” and “gay boy” were daily taunts Tyrone heard at school until he took his own life.

• Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Rep. Tom Price, opposes same-sex marriage, opposes protections for transgender folks, says LGBT rights cost too much and wants to completely cut off all federal funds for Planned Parenthood. Sounds like a great guy, huh?

• Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is prepping legislation to extend legal protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. This is in anticipation of Donald Trump revoking the executive orders by President Obama which has protected over 700K young people to avoid deportation.

• More from calendar season! Today, we’ve got out singer/songwriter Tom Goss offering up his “beefcake” calendar. Head over to his official website to order.

Music Video: Tom Goss feat. Matt Alber “Breath And Sound”

Randy Report fave Tom Goss has a gorgeous new music video with Matt Alber “Breath and Sound” featuring three couples of dancers interpreting Tom’s words and music.

From Tom’s Huffington Post interview regarding the point of the video:

I want them to understand the boundlessness of love. There’s a reason the first verse focuses on the straight couple alone — that’s what they are used to seeing. I want straight people to be drawn into a familiar story, one they understand and relate to.

Once there, I want to show them that this exact same story is being lived by the LGBTQ community.

As a gay man, I don’t want special privilege. I just want to love – passionately, fearlessly and completely.