When Four Gay Indie Artists Covered John Mayer’s “St. Patrick’s Day”

Out indie artists Tom Goss, Jeb Havens, Dennis Hensley and Matt Zarley unite (kinda like the Avengers, but not…) to bring you this cover of John Meyer’s “St. Patrick’s Day.”

Favorite shot has to be Tom Goss shirtless in the middle of this wintry tune.

I’m a fan of all four, so follow them on their respective YouTube channels:

Tom Goss

Jeb Havens

Dennis Hensley

Matt Zarley

New Music Video: Tom Goss “What We’ve Found”

The newest music video from Randy Report favorite Tom Goss – “What We’ve Found” from his latest album Wait.

Love Tom, his music videos and his very unique sense of humor. His previous videos have tackled DADT, marriage equality, and have
been featured in Upworthy, HuffingtonPost, Univision, The Advocate,
Out, LOGO, Towleroad and After Elton.

His music single and video, “Illuminate The Dark” stars injured war hero turned underwear model Alex Minsky and challenges the way we see beauty.

2014’s dance/pop single “Bears” became an instant cult hit, garnering attention worldwide.

Today he serves up some light, silly fun to make us smile.

Tom’s a touring machine, so check out his official website for upcoming tour dates.

Jeb Havens and Tom Goss cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

Who needs professional dancers and high-end production when you’ve got out singer/songwriters Tom Goss and Jeb Havens? These two “bear-y” talented guys only need a trash can, some mics, and a keyboard roped to a sawhorse.

Check out their “trashy” take on Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off.”

Love both of these guys. A think a hallmark of both artists is their lack of self-consciousness. They just hit “go” and share exactly who they are; no calculation, no overthinking.

Check earlier posts featuring Jab Havens here and here; and more Tom Goss here and here.

New music video from Tom Goss “Illuminate The Dark”

Tom Goss

Tom Goss has just released his gorgeous and touching new music video “Illuminate The Dark.”

The video features veteran turned model and actor Alex Minsky, whose motivational story of losing his leg at war has landed him on The View, The Today Show, GMA, and Jay Leno.

Also featured is Lori Duron and her son C.J., the author and subject of the award-winning book and blog, Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son.

Diamondback Annie, rock and roll showgirl and award-winning burlesque star is also featured.

Veteran turned model and inspiration Alex Minsky