Out Music: Tom Goss ‘Regretting’

Tom Goss in ‘Regretting’ (courtesy photo)

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss has released the emotional single/music video for “Regretting” from his seventh studio album. Territories.

On the track, neon bass reverberates through “Regretting” as a dreamy chant takes hold.

After walking in on his husband with another lover, Tom and his husband decided to open their marriage, resulting in Tom falling in love with another man, to his husband’s dismay. The next music video in the story, “Regretting” comes full circle with Tom expressing his boundless love for his husband.

The music video marks Tom’s third collaboration with Mean Girls/Looking actor Daniel Franzese. Franzese previously co-starred with Goss in the music videos for “La Bufadora” and “Quebec.”

The 15-track concept album, produced by Ian Carmichael (Lamb, The Orchids, One Dove) candidly delves into the complications of love.


“At the time, I was going through a really rough patch with my husband,” Goss shared with Gay Times. “I was writing a lot about the struggles we were having and I realized that I wasn’t focusing enough on why I was still in the relationship. I wasn’t honoring what we had built, what was still beautiful, and the potential future I hoped we still would have.”

“‘Regretting’ is ultimately about not regretting. Regardless of how hard things have been, or may be in the future, I won’t live in regret. I will work to remember the wonderful, the beautiful, and the inspirational, regardless of how hard it may be from moment to moment.”

To celebrate Pride Month, Tom is hosting a live stream show every Friday at 8PM PT for the month of June on the GROWLr dating app. The live stream events, titled Friday Night Live, feature the crooner serenading fans with original songs as well as covers.

Goss has earned critical acclaim for Territories, which explores new emotional and musical terrain for the guitar-toting troubadour including a deep dive into electronic synth-pop sonic landscapes.

Throughout the past year-and-a-half of world exploration and self-discovery, Goss found himself in a place that was not his own. Believing that we are more susceptible to emotional growth when we are pushed out of our comfort zone, Territories abandons any facade of safety and dives into the unknown.

(scene from ‘Regretting’)

Last year, I chatted with Goss at length about the story behind the new album, the new musical direction of the collection, and much more. Hit the play button below to hear Tom Goss share about his new album, Territories.