Out Music: Tom Goss & Deven Green ‘Undercover Summer’

Tom Goss and Deven Green in 'Undercover Summer'
Tom Goss and Deven Green in 'Undercover Summer'
Tom Goss and Deven Green in ‘Undercover Summer’

You’ve got to hand it to indie recording star Tom Goss – the man knows a good time when he sees it, and hears it,…and smells it.

Goss has teamed up with comedic chanteuse Deven Green (also known as ‘Miss Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian’) and music producer Ned Douglas for their new single, “Undercover Summer.”

The bouncy retro pop bop celebrates friends and enjoying life together wrapped up in a fun B-52s vibe. The bright and colorful music video features dozens of bears frolicking in a sunny, Palm Springs pool setting.

But the trio didn’t stop at “sights and sounds” for their new endeavor. The artists have partnered with Brent Leonesio of SmellBent.com to craft an “Undercover Summer” fragrance! The intoxicating blend of coconut oil, suntan lotion, and a light breeze transports fans into the bikini-clad party!

“I went to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with Deven and Ned,” explains Tom Goss, whose music videos have garnered over 16 million views. “We knew we wanted to write a big, fun, summery track so we went into the studio. Ned immediately locked into the sound with his incredible bass line. The lyrics poured out of Deven and me and the instrumentation started flying from there!”

Tom Goss in his element

“We shot the ‘Undercover Summer’ video in beautiful Palm Springs,” says Douglas, who has worked with major music artists including Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr, Katy Perry, and No Doubt. “We got all our closest friends to come by and join us in a pool party! No one wanted to leave.”

“After we had created our summertime feast for the ears and eyes, we thought, why do noses always have to miss out on the fun?” continues Deven Green, an award-winning comedy and musical performer. She has performed with the biggest drag queens in the world and appeared as a judge RuPaul’s Drag Race. “With the Undercover Summer fragrance, we can all smell like the season all year round!”

Tom, Deven and Ned became fast friends several years ago, when Tom moved full-time to Los Angeles. The trio started performing live concerts together on Facebook every Friday. “We’re like the movie Threesome but without the benefits,” exclaims Tom. They’re excited to perform their song live on stages this summer.

Tom Goss’s “Undercover Summer (featuring Deven Green and Ned Douglas)” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital platforms. The Undercover Summer scent can be purchased at SmellBent.com.

Hit the play button below for the Palm Springs party pop treat. You can follow Goss on Instagram here and Green on the Gram of Insta here.

Out Music: Tom Goss ‘Pride’

Pride,” the new single and music video by Tom Goss, celebrates the rainbow of people who make up the LGBTQ community and their stories of hope, perseverance, triumph, and love.

“When we think of Pride, we often think of tens of thousands of people marching in a parade, but it’s much more than that,” says Goss. “It’s the individuals, the love they share, and the moments together that make up the mosaic that is Pride as we know it today. That’s what this song is about.”

He adds, “It’s important that we respect and pay homage to those that fought for us and (that we) continue the fight for the generations to follow.”

The idea for the song was sparked by a cross-country road trip Tom and his husband took last summer.

One stop on the trip was to visit their friend Ben who had recently lost his partner, Rich. The couple had been cornerstones in their local LGBTQ community. Goss attended a memorial service (held in front of City Hall) where friends gathered to laugh, cry and remember their friend.

Their story inspired Tom to think about all of the other people who have fought tirelessly to make being gay something to be celebrated. People like Rich and Ben, living and loving quietly but heroically in small cities and towns across the country. The world may never know their names, but that doesn’t make their stories any less important.

Tom issued a post on Facebook, asking LGBTQ couples to share their love stories with him. He was inundated by the most beautiful and moving testimonials from all over the world.

From Tom Goss's new music video "Pride"

“I hope ‘Pride’ and it’s music video encourage people in the community to stop and reflect on how we got to where we are today,” Tom says. “We owe so much to our forefathers and mothers. We cannot begin to imagine the hardships they endured, and that’s by design. They wouldn’t allow it. They wanted a better world for us, so they created it for us.”

“It’s important that we respect and pay homage to those that fought for us and continue the fight for the generations to follow. That is Pride.”

Produced by Austin Danson, Tom Goss’s “Pride” is available now on all major digital platforms.

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss (photo: Dusti Cunningham)

Tom Goss, Daniel Franzese, And The Return Of ‘Nerdy Bear’

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss has been extolling the virtues of hirsute plus-sized gay men for years, and now he’s back to celebrate those gay geeks with fuzzy cheeks with ‘Nerdy Bear: The Markaholic Remix.’

The new single and music video revisits Goss’s popular ‘Nerdy Bear’ release from last summer but reinterprets the tune from the bear perspective.

The original track was a pop track with sultry R&B vibes, but the new release (by LA-based producer Markaholic) raises the BPMs and features Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese.

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Franzese, one of the gay community’s ultimate ‘nerdy bears,’ says the idea to remix the song was his.

“When Tom’s original came out last summer, I was like ‘OMG, it’s about time we got an anthem of guys pursuing us in song,” says Franzese. “We should do a remix of this track where the bear responds that he’s down to party—and I should rap on it!’”

And that’s exactly what happens as Franzese drops some rhymes that weave sexual connotations with 80s arcade game references.

“If you like whips and chains, we can do the Double Dragon,” referencing the martial arts game. He continues with “I’ll follow you down your Oregon trail and hitch on to your wagon.”

Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss and Daniel Franzese in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Along the way, the music video touches on the cherries in Pac-Man, shapes from Tetris and the mushrooms in Mario Brothers.

Like Tetris when I’m finished, I dream of your shape for hours
Beat your big boss baby, your Gannon, your bowser
Give your boy a mushroom and I’ll grow like I’m supposed to
Love a Harry pothead, winggarda levioso
Grab a joystick, come get closa, scoot-a cross da-sofa,
Chew and chomp these cherries Pac Man, don’t worry, I won’t ghost ya

The idea behind the music video is to convey the confidence Franzese and others in the gay bear community have built by not only accepting their girth, but embracing it. “It’s fun to find unique ways to amplify body positivity and happiness,” says Franzese.

Plus, Goss brings a few smiles of his own in the video, throwing down his own brand of stripper moves. It’s all big fun with some big beats.

Tom Goss in 'Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix'
Tom Goss in ‘Nerdy Bears: The Markaholic Remix’

Franzese has collaborated with Goss before having played the singer’s husband in a series of videos from Goss’s album, Territories. “It’s always fun to work with Danny, and at this point it seems like we’re just making up opportunities to work together,” Goss laughs.

Tom Goss was 22 and in seminary, training to be a Catholic priest, when he realized his strong attraction for plus-sized men, known as “bears” in the gay community, and nerdy ones to boot. “‘Nerdy Bear’ is authentic to my experience and relays my unique perspective that beauty doesn’t fit a standard mold,” he says.

‘Nerdy Bear: The Markaholic Remix’ is available on all major digital platforms.

You can check out the music video below and follow Tom Goss on Instagram here.

News Round-Up: January 25, 2021

Matthew Camp speaks out about the recent arson attack that destroyed his home
Matthew Camp (image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

NewNowNext: Porn star Matthew Camp speaks out about the recent early morning arson attack that destroyed his home. “I don’t have any enemies that I know of,” Camp says gently. “But I’m a gay sex worker who bought a house that used to be owned by a Satanist. I don’t know who did it, but it’s not hard to guess why they would.”

The Advocate: A group of eight U.S. Catholic Bishops released a statement in support of LGBTQ+ people, saying that, “God created you, God loves you and God is on your side.” A ninth Bishop later signed on as well.

Out Music: Openly gay artist J.R. Price has released a duet featuring his childhood hero, out singer/songwriter Tom Goss titled “Dance with Me”, a bluesy love song about the power dance has to bring a couple together before the world breaks them apart.

“The song chronicles that moment when a couple is fighting, and it doesn’t even make sense for them to stay together a second longer, but with a simple dance, they realize they can’t part because the attachment is too powerful,” explains Price. The track is available now.

Gothamist: The co-owner of a pub who refused to follow COVID-19 health restrictions has avoided a felony charge of second degree assault on an officer. On December 6, 2020, he drove into a sheriff’s deputy who tried to detain him breaking both the officer’s legs.

NBC News: The Kissimmee Police Department says it verified 30 screenshots of Facebook posts made by Officer Andrew Johnson in support of the Capitol riots, and disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement. And then the department fired him.

CNBC: Funny how ashamed these folks are after getting arrested. Garrett Miller (above) has been charged with invading the Capitol on January 6 and calling for the assassination of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He’s very sorry now and he adds he was just following then-President Donald Trump’s orders.

Christmas Music: Tom Goss ‘Christmas 2020’

Singer/songwriter Tom Goss ‘Christmas 2020’

Randy Report favorite Tom Goss shares his new holiday tune, Christmas 2020. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s silly – and three minutes of what we need right now.

Tom shares via Facebook:

Friday night Mike went for a walk, I picked up the guitar and wrote a song. It was so fun to me that I immediately got on the phone and roped Ned Douglas into production, Mike Lovins into bass and Liz DeRoche into harmony arrangement. I told them everything had to be done immediately!

The next day I had an awesome song and then roped Michael Briggs into making a video with me. This project has made me smile so much, I hope it makes you smile as well.

Moral of the story… there are so many people around you that love you!!!!! Including me. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, love you lots!

You can find my numerous posts about Tom and his music here.

Out Music: Tom Goss ‘Irreplaceable’

Tom Goss (image via screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss shares this haunting new synth-pop single, “Irreplaceable.”

Set in a frozen, bare landscape, Goss sings of tender devotion to the listener:

I know you fear, I know you doubt
Your place, our love, tomorrow’s light
You are irreplaceable
You are irreplaceable

Throughout, Goss trades places with a diverse set of friends and even his husband, Michael, in an exercise underscoring all of our individuality and uniqueness.


On the other end of the emotional spectrum, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Tom has announced his 2021 calendar is now available.

If the cover is any indication, you can check out Tom every day in the new year (roller skates, 70s shorts and all).

News Round-Up: September 25, 2020

Tom Goss in ‘Amsterdam’ (photo: Mark Nickels)

Some news items you might have missed:

JoeMyGod: In a money-beg email, virulently anti-LGBTQ Brian Brown solicits donations for his woeful National Organization for Marriage declaring conservatives should support Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court because “It will mean that religious liberty will be restored to its rightful place as a foundational constitutional right, and that the fake “rights” that are constantly demanded by the left – including special rules for homosexuals and the so-called transgendered – will no longer see the light of day.” Oh no, no hate there…

Out Music: The sensual music video for Tom Goss’s “Amsterdam,” is a beautifully shot wet and sexy romp. He wrote the song four years ago while in Holland, when he had a transformative sexual experience that still reverberates to this day. “It started in the shower,” recalls Goss. “We were kissing and holding each other tightly, with water pouring down over us. I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and acceptance of who I am, like I was being baptized in a whole new way.”

Reuters:A federal appeals court ruled in favor of allowing the House of Representatives’ lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s diversion of funds to pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to proceed.

KIT212: Check out Kenneth’s weekly round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications like MetroWeekly featuring Ritchie Torres, who will likely become the first gay Afro-Latino elected to Congress.

AP: In the Midwest, the virus is now landing squarely in places where there is strong resistance to masks and governors have been reluctant to require face coverings. Oklahoma and Missouri are regularly recording 1,000 new cases a day, and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson [photo], a staunch opponent of mask rules, tested positive this week. Kansas and Iowa are also witnessing a spike in cases. And South Dakota and Idaho are seeing sky-high rates of tests coming back positive.

Gamer & The Goss: Tom Goss Is Down For The ‘Nerdy Bear’

Tom Goss and Jason Villegas in ‘Nerdy Bear’ (photo: Catalin Stelian)

It’s always nice to start the day with a smile 🙂

So, I was happy to see an email this morning from award-winning, guitar-toting, singer/songwriter Tom Goss announcing, “Nerdy Bears are the cutest bears! Naturally, I wrote a song and made a video about it.”

While Tom has spent much of the past year promoting his latest album titled, Territories, a moody, richly-layered synth-pop collection exploring the complexities of love.

But now, he’s back in fun mode with this homage to those plus-size gamer guys.

(screen capture)

“Given the hot mess that is 2020 I thought the world could use something light and full of fun, ” says Tom. “And what’s more fun than a ‘Nerdy Bear?'”

Nerdy bear, behind them glasses you’re a dirty bear.
So shake that a** in daddy underwear, and let me sneak into your secret lair.

Tom’s handsome co-star, Jason Villegas (Chubby Tanuki on Instagram), is totally ‘game’ for the role.

You can find my previous coverage of terrific Tom on The Randy Report here.

Back in 2013, over 200 bears joined together to make Tom’s super-fun video romp, “Bears.”

Complete with lots of robust, hirsute men playing with Super Soakers, careening down a slip and slide, and dancing in a club (usually in slow motion), the video celebrates all the furry goodness.

Out Music: Tom Goss ‘Regretting’

Tom Goss in ‘Regretting’ (courtesy photo)

Out singer/songwriter Tom Goss has released the emotional single/music video for “Regretting” from his seventh studio album. Territories.

On the track, neon bass reverberates through “Regretting” as a dreamy chant takes hold.

After walking in on his husband with another lover, Tom and his husband decided to open their marriage, resulting in Tom falling in love with another man, to his husband’s dismay. The next music video in the story, “Regretting” comes full circle with Tom expressing his boundless love for his husband.

The music video marks Tom’s third collaboration with Mean Girls/Looking actor Daniel Franzese. Franzese previously co-starred with Goss in the music videos for “La Bufadora” and “Quebec.”

The 15-track concept album, produced by Ian Carmichael (Lamb, The Orchids, One Dove) candidly delves into the complications of love.


“At the time, I was going through a really rough patch with my husband,” Goss shared with Gay Times. “I was writing a lot about the struggles we were having and I realized that I wasn’t focusing enough on why I was still in the relationship. I wasn’t honoring what we had built, what was still beautiful, and the potential future I hoped we still would have.”

“‘Regretting’ is ultimately about not regretting. Regardless of how hard things have been, or may be in the future, I won’t live in regret. I will work to remember the wonderful, the beautiful, and the inspirational, regardless of how hard it may be from moment to moment.”

To celebrate Pride Month, Tom is hosting a live stream show every Friday at 8PM PT for the month of June on the GROWLr dating app. The live stream events, titled Friday Night Live, feature the crooner serenading fans with original songs as well as covers.

Goss has earned critical acclaim for Territories, which explores new emotional and musical terrain for the guitar-toting troubadour including a deep dive into electronic synth-pop sonic landscapes.

Throughout the past year-and-a-half of world exploration and self-discovery, Goss found himself in a place that was not his own. Believing that we are more susceptible to emotional growth when we are pushed out of our comfort zone, Territories abandons any facade of safety and dives into the unknown.

(scene from ‘Regretting’)

Last year, I chatted with Goss at length about the story behind the new album, the new musical direction of the collection, and much more. Hit the play button below to hear Tom Goss share about his new album, Territories.