Web Series: ‘Bad Rich Boy’ Flexes Comedic Muscles

Drew Canan in ‘Bad Rich Boy’ (screen capture)

Artie O’Daly serves up the latest installment of his wild and wacky ‘Bad Boy’ web series just in time for Hump Day.

In this episode, titled ‘Bad Rich Boy,’ Scott (played by O’Daly) returns home from a business trip and is surprised (again) to find BJ (Braden Davis) playing house.

Scott: “BJ – why are you in my house?”
BJ: “Same reason you’re here.”
Scott: “I live here.”
BJ: “I live here – when you’re not here…”

BJ explains an ‘executor’ (or is it ‘executioner?’) contacted him about his dead uncle’s estate worth over $2 million.

Whitney (Theresa Ryan) shows up complaining that Mariah Carey stole her life story, Jim (Drew Canan) finds a very good reason to take off his shirt (yay!), and everyone has an opinion on Scott smelling like cows.

Artie O’Daly in ‘Bad Rich Boy’ (screen capture)

Got it? Going on…

The executor, Kaleidoscope (her parents had a thing for light refractions), finally shows up but she may not be exactly who she appears to be.

O’Daly’s sharp dialogue keeps the absurdist comedy storytelling on point as the characters ricochet from topic to topic with Scott trying to survive the verbal chaos.

And an unexpected revelation leads everyone to wonder who might have killed him.

Hit the play button below for a clever mid-day brain break. You can Instinct’s previous coverage of the acclaimed ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.

Funny: ‘Bad Boy’ Takes Care Of ‘Daddy Scott’

Drew Canan nurses Artie O’Daly (screen capture)

Artie O’Daly is back with a new episode of his popular ‘Bad Boy’ web series.

This is the 11th installment of O’Daly’s off-beat, wild and wacky world of ‘Bad Boys’ where no one really seems to be following anyone else’s conversation.

The short film opens ‘Bad Boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) explaining a faux robbery he attempted naked and armed with just his hot dog.

Cue the series of weiner jokes peppered throughout the clip.

Scott (‘Daddy Scott’) played by O’Daly isn’t feeling great, so he shuts down work early.

Jim immediately jumps into action to take care of Scott providing tissues, furry cuddle buddy, and some pills.

What kind of pills? Who knows?

Jim also offers to rub Scott’s chest with VapoRub, which somehow leads to pouring baby oil on his own chest and rubbing things around.

Cue the 70s porn music.

Along the way there’s a worker at the door who wants to work on Scott’s ‘crack,’ and Aunt Whitney may (or may not) have a dead paramour upstairs.

Props to O’Daly for his consistently off-kilter dialogue that keeps the ‘Bad Boys’ universe so quirky and entertaining.

You can check out my previous coverage of the ‘Bad Boy’ series here.

Bottles & Beefcake At The ‘Bad Boy’ Group Session

L-R Drew Canan, Artie O’Daly (screen capture)

Artie O’Daly is back with the latest installment of his Bad Boy web series.

The episode opens on Scott (O’Daly) at the LGBT Center where he’s in session with his counselor Jamila (Julia Pace). Scott is frustrated his agent isn’t happy with the state of his most current movie script.

“Do we please others or do we please ourselves?,” asks Jamila before offering some homespun advice. “I’m going to tell you something my mama told me: if you’re eating dinner and a friend stops by don’t share too much of your food. Uh-uh, cause then you’ll end up ordering pizza and that’ll take 30 minutes to get there.”

Yeah, it didn’t make sense to Scott either.

Before a real solution for Scott’s problem can be found, ‘bad boy’ BJ (Braden Davis) wanders in. It seems he always accompanies his mother to her AA meetings because “she’s usually too drunk to drive home after.”

And since this is a group thing (psst – it isn’t) he has a problem he’d like to share.

It seems his uncle tragically died last week on his farm where he sneezed right before going peacefully. Or, ‘piece-fully’ since the sneeze caused him to lose his balance and accidentally fall into the wood chipper.

You know how that happens…

Jamila has some sage advice from her mama on this one too: “Sometimes a door opens up and you can walk on through it, or you can stay where you are cause you’re going to be fine either way.”

Mama had a way with words, don’t you know?

But we can’t ruminate too long on that one because that AA meeting is over, so BJ’s mom Whitney (Theresa Ryan) joins the fun. And – surprise – she has a problem, too.

She was apparently squatting in an empty house until ‘these people moved in,’ and now she’s having to hide/sleep in their closet.

And before Jamila can solve that quandary, beefcake ‘bad boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) finds the fun. It seems he was having an HIV test because he likes to be sexually responsible.

Wait – was that something that actually made sense???

Jim is still coping with the aforementioned tragic wood chipper death of his dad, but taking it well.

“He’s on to greener pastures now, at least that’s where I heard they found him,” shares Jim.

Not to give too much away, but like everyone we meet in O’Daly’s wacky ‘Bad Boy’ universe, you can’t trust that anyone is exactly who they seem to be.

Hit play to see how the ‘session’ comes to a close.

I’ve covered previous episodes of the clever (but often confounding) ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.

Funny: “Bad Boy Witness Report”

L-R Drew Bradley, Artie O’Daly (screen captures)

Artie O’Daly is back with the latest episode of his “Bad Boy” web series, and confusion abounds as nothing is really what it appears to be – or is it?

From the clip description: “Scott (Artie O’Daly) helps Jim (Drew Bradley) and his lawyer (Alina Bock) write a witness statement, but soon realizes things didn’t go as they say.”

It seems there was a robbery (or was there?), and a lawyer (or is there?), Jim has a girlfriend (or does he?) and that’s about all we’re certain of.

Kudos to O’Daly for the rapid-fire, discombobulated dialogue.

“Thanks, Daddy Scott…”

Web Series: When Two Bad Boys Show Up On Date Night…

Artie O’Daly drops the latest installment of his ‘Bad Boy’ video series, and this time we get not one, but two ‘Bad Boys’ making trouble for Daddy Scott.
Bad boys Braden Davis (L), Drew Bradley (R)

Artie O’Daly drops the latest installment of his ‘Bad Boy’ video series, and this time we get not one, but two ‘Bad Boys’ making trouble for Daddy Scott.

It’s Friday night and Scott (O’Daly) is prepping for the arrival of a date (not a hookup!) when Bad Boy Jim (Drew Bradley) seemingly appears out of nowhere with Chinese food scaring the bejesus out of Scott making him spill red wine on himself.

“How did you get in here?” asks Scott.

“The same way I get into anyone’s apartment – I walk in behind you, mimicked your every move and then waited in the corner until I wanted to be seen,” Jim casually admits.


No time for Chinese food, though, cause Scott has to find something to wear.

After checking for dead people outside, Jim scampers off to find some clothes for Scott.

Artie O’Daly

Problem solved! Except, after locking the door behind Jim, BJ (Braden Davis) appears out of nowhere.

How do these guys get in?

“Same way I get into any apartment – stole your keys, made a copy, now I watch you sleep every now and then,” shares BJ.

Turns out he’s also installed surveillance cameras to keep tabs on Scott as well – nothing strange about that, right?

It seems cousins BJ and Jim have serious jealousy issues including over the attention of ‘Daddy Scott.’

The arguing escalates between the ‘Bad Boys’ and we eventually get to some shirtless wrestling to determine who gets ownership of ‘Daddy Scott.’ Jim might have the edge here considering his time spent on the stripper circuit.

Bad boys behaving badly

Clothes come off, Scott’s cute date (Doug Rogers) appears, and, well, hit play below to see how it turns out.

Props to O’Daly for his consistently off-kilter dialogue that keeps the ‘Bad Boys’ so quirky and entertaining.

I’ve previously featured O’Daly’s ‘Bad Boys’ here, here, here and here.

Happy Hump Day!

The ‘Bad Boy’ – He Delivers

Drew Bradley is the “Bad Delivery Boy”

The latest installment of the “Bad Boy” web series is here with a brand new hunky ‘bad boy.’

This seventh episode finds Artie O’Daly’s “Scott” (who also writes, produces and directs the clip) meeting with his agent “Erin” (Lyndsey Doolen) when an unexpected delivery boy (blond hottie Drew Bradley) comes knocking at the door.

Announcing he has a food delivery for Scott (actually “Daddy Scott”), bad delivery boy “George” barges in to drop off his package.

When Scott tells George he definitely did not order any food, George sizes up the situation: “Oh, I see. Is this one of those deals where you order food so I come in and you drop your pants and try to hook up with me?”

“Cause if it is, that’s cool – but I’ll expect a tip,” he explains.

Makes sense.

Drew Bradley and Artie O’Daly in “Bad Delivery Boy”

Scott asks our bad boy to take the food and leave, but soon it’s clear George is taking more than he arrived with.

Erin invites George to sit and chat. One thing leads to another (doesn’t it always?) and soon George is peeling off his shirt as he go-go dances in silver-spangled booty shorts.

Makes sense. Or not…

Drew Bradley and Lyndsey Doolen

Eventually, there’s always a twist in the “Bad Boy” universe, but no spoilers here. As with past episodes, O’Daly’s clever, off-kilter dialogue keeps ‘Daddy Scott’ off balance the entire time.

Hit play and check out ‘bad boy’ George in all his confusing wonder below.

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Web Series: “A Bad Boy Christmas”

Artie O’Daly in “A Bad Boy Christmas”

Just like many hit television series have holiday-themed episodes, it makes total sense that our favorite web series’s would follow suit.

And so, with the holiday season now in full swing, let’s sit back and enjoy the latest from Artie O’Daly’s “Bad Boy” series.

As we’ve shared in the past, “Scott” (played by O’Daly) and “Mack” (the ‘bad boy’ played by Tony Harth) have spent episodes getting to know each other – to varying degrees of clarity.

Mack first appeared at Scott’s door when he came to pick up Scott’s daughter for a date.

Since then, the rather ambiguous relationship has seen revealing confessions by Mack ranging from a coming out moment to explaining why Scott needed to pretend to be Mack’s dad for a probation officer to Mack’s favorite TV series.

Braden Davis in “A Bad Boy Christmas”

In the new holiday episode, Scott is invited to share Christmas dinner with Mack’s family.

It is soon clear that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the family tree as Mack’s mom, “Whitney” (Theresa Ryan), and brother “BJ” (Braden Davis), demonstrate similar idiosyncratic behavior keeping Scott off-balance for most of the holiday supper.

Check out how it all goes down below.

And you can see my previous coverage of the “Bad Boy” series here.

Funny: ‘Bad Boy & The Gilmore Girl’

The ‘Bad Boy’ is back with a new video!

I’ve previously shared the Bad Boy adventures of ‘Scott’ (Artie O’Daly) and quirky bad boy ‘Mack’ (Tony Harth).

Mack always has an interesting take on reality, but forever cute in his dorky way.

In this episode, upon hearing of Mack’s love for the TV series Gilmore Girls, Scott invites a neighbor in his building who happened to have been a star on the show, to drop by.

Vanessa Marano, who actually played the polarizing character of ‘April Nardini’ on the show, guest stars.

And then, things get, well, Mack-y.

Watch below.

Queer Short Film: “Bad Boy On Probation”

Artie O’Daly (L) and Tony Harth (R)

‘Bad Boy On Probation’ is the third installment of the comedy web series that has almost a million views on YouTube.

“Mack (Tony Harth) gets his “Daddy Scott” (Artie O’Daly) to pretend to be his real dad when a probation officer (Alina Bock) comes for a check in. But Scott gets more than he bargained for.”

I’ve previously shared the earlier “Bad Boy” videos here.

Take a break and check it out below.

Queer Short Film: “Bad Boy Comes Out”

When your cute handyman isn’t who he appears to be…

Cute five-minute brain break starring & produced by Tony Harth & Artie O’Daly

Synopsis: Tired of hiding who he really is, Mack (Tony Harth) wants to come out to Scott (Artie O’Daly). But neither get what they were expecting.