Does This ‘Bad Boy’ Have The Best ‘Package’ Deal He Can Get?

Drew Canan in 'Bad Actor Boy'
Drew Canan in ‘Bad Actor Boy’ (screen capture)

In the latest episode of the Bad Boy web series, screenwriter Scott (played by series creator Artie O’Daly) finds himself sitting in his agent’s office excited by the good news that someone wants to make his movie.

Except…it’s not the awesome prison drama he’s so proud of but another about ‘bad boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) – “a stripper criminal who’s basically a horny puppy who somehow became a human?”

Sounds like a blockbuster – ruff!

Potential producer Vanessa shows up for the meeting and while she’s interested in the script, she stresses the importance of the best possible package deal.

Cue Jim and his tear-away pants putting his “best possible package” right up front.

Much to Scott’s chagrin, part of that “package” involves casting Jim as himself in the film which results in exploring the beefy bad boy’s acting skills. Or lack thereof.

But as Scott may have to go with the flow after his former agent messages him to say a crazy man is threatening to murder Scott if he pursues getting his prison script produced.

Meanwhile, our hero’s new agent Jamila is angling for any script to get optioned as she’s got some Lexus payments that are in arrears.

Along the way horny assistant agent Roderick pops in and out to provide updates on his stalking dating plans with absent bad boy BJ.

Make sense? Nope. But that’s the fun of it all. Everyone except Scott is all into their own visceral wants and needs which pretty much says it all in this Hollywood allegory.

Hit the play button and see who you end up rooting for.

And stick around for the clever end credit graphics by Charlie Branigan which tell the tale of each character’s world view.

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‘Bad Massage Boy’ Serves Up Wine, Disco Shorts & Naked Massage

Drew Canan is a 'bad massage boy'
Drew Canan is the 'Bad Massage Boy'
Drew Canan as ‘Bad Massage Boy’ (screen captures)

The latest installment of the Bad Boy web series – ‘Bad Massage Boy’ – features Jim (Drew Canan) trying to give Scott (Artie O’Daly) a reward massage for finishing his movie script about Jim, but unexpected interruptions keep getting in the way of the rubdown.

Scott tries to politely pass on the massage but Jim won’t take no for an answer. When plying Scott with wine doesn’t seem to convince him, Jim goes the ‘alpha’ route: “Listen, you little b*tch, you’re going to get naked, lie down on my table and I’m going to rub you down. Any questions punk?”

Scott obeys.

Jim goes alpha on Scott in 'Bad Massage Boy'
Jim goes ‘alpha’ on Scott (Artie O’Daly)

Jim begins the massage (wearing perfectly acceptable sequined disco shorts) but is quickly cut off by a phone call from his Aunt Whitney (Theresa Ryan) warning of a ‘dangerous man’ running around the house with a gun.

Forget that – there’s a naked massage to be had!

Next comes a parade of unannounced visitors beginning with James (Alex Dyon) who’s on a mission to hurl water-filled condoms at people.

Wacky FBI agent Calista (Alina Bock) shows up in a faux ‘Swiss Miss’ costume still trying to prove Scott was somehow involved in a murder.

And Brian (Doug Rogers), Scott’s hot ‘boyfriend who’s not really his boyfriend,’ proves the point that every time he visits Scott, Jim is usually there and Scott’s always half-naked.

p.s. yep, this time, too…

'Bad Massage Boy' - Brian takes a peek at Scott's butt
Brian (Doug Rogers) takes a peek

Along the way, Scott’s butt makes some cameo appearances and Jim declares he should get naked for his own massage.

As always, the absurdist storyline moves at a fast pace thanks to O’Daly’s rapid-fire dialogue and the cast who are clearly down for the wild and wooly antics.

Hit play below and make sure you hang out for the adorable end title graphics by Charlie Branigan which tell the tale from each character’s perspective.

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Funny: “Bad Boy’s Big Break”

Does a 'Bad Boy' get his big porn break?

Does a 'Bad Boy' get his big porn break?

In the latest installment of the Bad Boy web series, one of the ‘Bad Boys’ is about to get his big break in porn.

Or is he?

The series follows “Scott” (played by series creator Artie O’Daly), a mild-mannered gay writer in Los Angeles whose life is turned upside down by wild and wacky characters who somehow wander in and out of his home at will.

In this episode, Scott finds he can’t concentrate on his latest screenplay as “BJ”  (Braden Davis) continually judges and critiques from over his shoulder.

Scott heads out to find some peace and quiet as a mysterious director of adult films (Alina Bock) appears intent on casting “BJ” in an upcoming “weiner picture.”

At the same time, Hollywood agent “Roderick” (Paul Riley Fox) drops by unannounced with the news that he really wants to sell a screenplay by “BJ” and make him famous.

Riley and Braden Davis in 'Bad Boy's Big Break'
L-R Paul Riley Fox and Braden Davis

Actually, “Roderick” is just interested in having sex with “BJ” again (Hollywood, don’t you know) although “BJ” doesn’t seem to remember the first sexual encounter:

“We met a couple of weeks ago when you gave me a lap dance in my office.”
“You have to be more specific.”
“We had sex and then you ghosted me.”
“Like that narrows it down?”

Along the way, a sub-plot about a possible murder in a wood-chipper rears its head and there’s a mysterious stash of air fresheners.

If it all sounds like it doesn’t make any sense, that’s because it doesn’t.

O’Daly’s absurdist comedy storytelling ricochets from topic to topic with “Scott” trying to survive the verbal chaos. The sharp, rapid-fire dialogue and eccentric characters add up to a brief yet worthy escape from the madcap world we’re living in today.

Hit the play button below and you can find my previous coverage of the acclaimed ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.

Can A ‘Bad Boy’ Make Right What Once Went Wrong?

Drew Canan and Artie O'Daly have a complex relationship in the Bad Boys web series
Jim Canan and Artie O’Daly in the Bad Boys web series

In this latest installment of Artie O’Daly’s wacky Bad Boys web series, Scott (played by O’Daly) considers alternate realities after his evening is ruined by some bad choices.

It seems Scott’s hottie maybe-boyfriend Brian (Doug Rogers) broke things off some time ago worried that some hanky-panky might be in the making with ‘Bad Boys’ Jim (Drew Canan) and James (Alex Dyon).

Ok, there was a shower three-way with the Bad Boys, but Scott kept his underwear on, so it doesn’t really count, right?

The wet and wild three-way was one of those ‘bad choices’ Scott is now reconsidering.

Scott texts Brian to try and patch things up but Jim criticizes the overly long Harry Potter length of his ‘heart-felt’ message. There’s also spilled wine, an off-her-rocker FBI agent (Alina Bock), and the possibility of a four-way dashed.

But Jim insists Scott’s life would be smoother if he took Jim’s advice more often.

In that re-imagined universe, Jim is a dapper relationship expert who’s to-the-point text message to Brian inspires him to break the international speed record for a booty call showing up in a dazzling disco-tastic gold sequined shirt.

Doug Rogers as ‘Brian’

That crazed FBI agent might (or might not) be foiled again, some tasty buns are served, and a leather harness makes an appearance.

Will things work out for Daddy Scott and Brian? We don’t want to spoil the ending but we definitely want to see more of the Bri-man. #woof

If that all sounds wild, that’s because it is. The absurdist comedy never stops as O’Daly’s dialogue practically bounces off the walls making for a perfect mid-day brain break.

Make sure you stick around for the uber-clever end credit graphics by Charlie Branigan.

Hit the play button below, and you can check out more of my coverage of the Bad Boys web series here.

Bad Boy Series: A Wild & Wacky House Warming Party – Bring Your Own Towel

Artie O'Daly and Drew Canan in the Bad Boys web series
Artie O'Daly and Drew Canan in the Bad Boys web series
L-R Artie O’Daly, Drew Canan (screen captures)

In the latest episode of Artie O’Daly’s Bad Boy web series, the wild and wacky cast of characters continue to spin out while O’Daly’s “Scott” tries to keep his footing in the middle of the insanity.

Whitney (Theresa Ryan) is hosting a house warming party in her ‘new home’ (really Scott’s house, but she keeps ignoring that fact) and everyone is waiting for ‘Bad Boy’ Jim (Drew Canan)  to arrive.

He’s apparently been waylaid by a longer than usual shower in the guest house with a buddy. You know how these things go…

Suddenly, FBI agent Calista (Alina Bock) shows up disguised as Whitney’s sister/Jim’s mom but no one seems to see through the disguise except for Scott.

Whitney: “I see your teeth grew back.”
Calista: “Let’s not talk about the past. Let’s focus on the present.”
Whitney: “How dare you tell me to focus when you know I suffer from rolling blackouts!” (as she takes a big swig from a bottle of wine)

Meanwhile, ‘Bad Boy’ BJ (Braden Davis) has decided to get decked out in a leather harness and snap some selfies: “I’m gonna go take thirst traps on the couch…”

Braden Davis as NJ in the Bad Boy web series
Braden Davis as BJ (screen capture)

Finally, hottie Jim shows up (in a towel thank god) and Calista’s charade looks like it might come crashing down.

But what we really want to know is: Does Daddy Scott finally hook up with Jim?

Kudos to O’Daly & company for keeping the off-kilter banter continually bouncing from character to character in fast-paced farcical fashion.

With this 15th installment, the Bad Boy series is clearly developing a loyal fanbase on YouTube. Check out my previous coverage of the web series here.

Funny: ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’

Artie O'Daly in 'Bad Boy's Daddy Issues'
Artie O’Daly in ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’

Artie O’Daly shares the latest installment of his wild and wacky ‘Bad Boys’ web series.

In the episode (titled ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’), Scott (played by O’Daly) comes home from the gym and is surprised to find Jim (Drew Canan) preparing for an impromptu memorial service for his dead father who was the victim of an apparent wood chipper incident.

Jim’s Aunt Whitney (Theresa Ryan) barges in and immediately becomes obsessed with Scott’s short shorts setting up a series of butt crack bits.

Jim’s ‘best brah’ James (Alex Dyon) arrives for the memorial service as we find out the dead dad looks a whole lot like Nick Jonas. #NotMadAtThat

But as Jim begins his tribute it seems the only memories he has of his dad involve felonies, child abandonment, and orange chicken. #GoodTimes

Drew Canan and Alex Dyon in 'Bad Boy's Daddy Issues'
Drew Canan and Alex Dyon in ‘Bad Boy’s Daddy Issues’

James reminisces about the time he peeked at the dad naked in the shower: “And that’s when I knew that I was going to be ‘gay for pay.’”

Turns out James is a ‘brah-stitute,’ which is totally not a prostitute because he only charges $50 (although he offers Scott a senior discount at $40).

When Scott tries to point out that Jim clearly has daddy issues, Jim disagrees: “What kind of issues would I have because of my dad? I feel like a kid, I like older men, and I have a daddy. Like, I’m all set.”

Eventually, the bad boys flip the script on Scott and confront him about his own ‘daddy issues.’

But don’t worry, we don’t get mired in anything deep as soon there are suggestions for wrestling in pudding and a group rinse-off.

Group hug in Bad Boy's Daddy Issues

If it all sounds absurd, that’s because it is. Between the sharp, rapid-fire dialogue, Scott’s short-shorts, the eccentric characters plus the requisite shot of Jim shirtless, it all adds up to a brief yet worthy escape from the madcap world we’re living in today.

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Who Will Win The Epic ‘Bad Boy’ Lap Dance-Off?

Artie O’Daly and Drew Canan in ‘Bad Go-Go- Boy’

In the latest installment of Artie O’Daly’s ‘Bad Boy’ web series, Scott (played by O’Daly) takes a trip to his writing agent’s office to discuss the plot for a proposed movie.

Jim (Drew Canan) tags along since, due to forces out of Scott’s control, the upcoming film is supposed to be about Jim’s life (“One of the first real people to have a movie made about their lives. Like Forrest Gump…”).

But with the agent fired, and a temp worker moved up to full-fledged decision-maker, Scott pitches some new ideas like the next prison story blockbuster (or Mamma Mia 3…if need be) instead of Jim’s life story but the agent, Jamila (Julia Pace Mitchell), is smitten with the bad boy’s charms.

But Jim’s nemesis BJ (Braden Davis) uncloaks from his invisibility (don’t ask) and pitches his own story for movie stardom.

Everyone wants to pitch a story! But who’ll catch?

Drew Canan throws down in the go-go competition

Ultimately, things come down to an epic lap dance-off between the two ‘bad boys’ (as happens so often in life) where the winner takes all.

Making sense so far?

As we’ve come to expect in O’Daly’s wild and wacky world, the dialogue takes some fast and furious turns leaving ‘Daddy Scott’ with some mental whiplash.

You can check out my previous coverage of the ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.

Web Series: ‘Bad Rich Boy’ Flexes Comedic Muscles

Drew Canan in ‘Bad Rich Boy’ (screen capture)

Artie O’Daly serves up the latest installment of his wild and wacky ‘Bad Boy’ web series just in time for Hump Day.

In this episode, titled ‘Bad Rich Boy,’ Scott (played by O’Daly) returns home from a business trip and is surprised (again) to find BJ (Braden Davis) playing house.

Scott: “BJ – why are you in my house?”
BJ: “Same reason you’re here.”
Scott: “I live here.”
BJ: “I live here – when you’re not here…”

BJ explains an ‘executor’ (or is it ‘executioner?’) contacted him about his dead uncle’s estate worth over $2 million.

Whitney (Theresa Ryan) shows up complaining that Mariah Carey stole her life story, Jim (Drew Canan) finds a very good reason to take off his shirt (yay!), and everyone has an opinion on Scott smelling like cows.

Artie O’Daly in ‘Bad Rich Boy’ (screen capture)

Got it? Going on…

The executor, Kaleidoscope (her parents had a thing for light refractions), finally shows up but she may not be exactly who she appears to be.

O’Daly’s sharp dialogue keeps the absurdist comedy storytelling on point as the characters ricochet from topic to topic with Scott trying to survive the verbal chaos.

And an unexpected revelation leads everyone to wonder who might have killed him.

Hit the play button below for a clever mid-day brain break. You can Instinct’s previous coverage of the acclaimed ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.