Nevada: Democratic Voters Lead In Early Voting By 34K

As of this Halloween morning, registered Democratic voters showing up at the polls lead registered Republicans by 34,186, according to the Nevada Secretary of State website.

Washoe County, considered a bellwether, shows Dems with 2,500 lead, which is almost twice what it was in 2012.

From Nevada political expert Jon Ralston:

Dems are up 15 points in Clark (it was 16 in 2012), which is a point above registration, and that firewall is going to get to 60,000-plus, unless something strange happens. I repeat: Trump appears to have no path here, but the Senate race is not quite over yet.

Statewide turnout is now 31 percent of all voters — Democrats are at 34.6 percent, Republicans at 33.9 percent and others at 23 percent. The Republicans actually have a slight turnout lead in Clark — 34.9 percent to 34.3 percent, showing why that 142,000 Democratic registration lead matters. The Democratic turnout edge in Washoe is nearly 4 points (37-33).

Nevada: Democrats Lead By 30K+ In Early Voting

Nevada Democrats continue to lead by a healthy margin, over 30K,  at the polls after the first week of early voting.

Nevada early voting totals to date through Friday, October 28, 2016, via the Nevada Secretary of State website:

In-person early voting – Democrats – 150,014
In-person early voting – Republicans – 119,368 (-30,646)
In-person early voting – Other – 65,916

Absent / Mail-in ballots – Democrats – 16,840
Absent / Mail-in ballots – Republicans – 18,978 (+2,138)
Absent / Mail0in ballots – Other – 8,598

Total Democrats – 166,854
Total Republicans – 138,346 (-28,508)
Total Other – 74,514

Nevada: Democrats Continue Big Lead In Early Voting Turnout

After three days of early voting in Nevada, the Dems continue to outpace Republicans at the polls.

The Nevada Secretary of State’s website shows 69,246 Democrats have voted in person so far (48.93%) versus 45,990 Republicans (32.5%).

The mail-in ballots total 29,309 so far with Republicans casting 12,445 versus the Dems’ 11,100.

Of course, the lion’s share of votes come from Clark County where almost 75% of Nevadans live, and  a big majority are Democrats.

It’s notable that this marked the third straight day of 30,000+ voters
in Clark County. Yesterday’s total in Clark County was 34,603. For
comparison, in 2012 the third day total was 30,598. 

All told that’s 80,346 ballots from the Dems and 58,435 for the Republicans. A difference of almost 22,000.

As noted earlier, we don’t know how those folks voted, but history shows the vast majority of voters cast their ballot for their registered party.

Donald Trump and his followers can point to turn-out for his rallies, but the true “enthusiasm” shows up at the ballot box.  Just saying…

New Pro-Hillary Campaign Spot “Ricardo” Features Pulse Survivor

The Human Rights Campaign released a new campaign spot in support of Hillary Clinton featuring Pulse Nightclub massacre survivor and Orlando resident, Ricardo Negron-Almodovar.

“You have to vote. Let your voice be heard. Every issue that we face has a root at the political level. We are a force to be reckoned with if we organize.”

Today is the first day of in-person early voting in Florida.

Go vote!

Early Voting Starts In Nevada

And…, DONE!

Now you KNOW I’m gonna get my vote on the very first day, the very first hour of early voting here in Las Vegas.

Long lines showing up all over the city (you can even vote at your grocery store!), but my polling place was moving along quite smoothly.

No shenanigans, no ugliness – just good, clean electoral processes happening on a gorgeous Nevada day.

Early voting accounts for nearly 50% of the vote in Nevada in presidential election years. And in those cycles with the presidency on the ballot, around 80% of registered voters show up to make their voices heard – 81% in 2012, 80% in 2008 and 79.9% in 2004.

If you need info about where to vote in Las Vegas, click here.

Now go vote, and if you’ve already voted come see me today at Las Vegas PRIDE in Sunset Park. I’ll be hosting the mainstage from 5-7PM!

Looks like a long line but it moved quickly

Hillary Clinton To Call For Minimum 20 Day Early Voting Period In Every State

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will use a voting rights speech at Texas Southern University to call for early voting periods in every state of at least 20 days.

From USA Today:

Clinton also plans to criticize what Democrats call Republican efforts to restrict voting — especially for African Americans and Latinos — through devices like voter identification laws.

“This is, I think, a moment when we should be expanding the franchise,” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta tells The Washington Post. “What we see in state after state is this effort by conservatives to restrict the right to vote.”

Personally, I’m very supportive of the idea of more early voting days. Shorter time frames mean less folks are involved in the democratic process.

Plus, should there be some problem at the polls, it might give voters a chance to go address the issue and come back to vote.