Nevada: Democrats Continue Big Lead In Early Voting Turnout

Nevada: Democrats Continue Big Lead In Early Voting Turnout

After three days of early voting in Nevada, the Dems continue to outpace Republicans at the polls.

The Nevada Secretary of State’s website shows 69,246 Democrats have voted in person so far (48.93%) versus 45,990 Republicans (32.5%).

The mail-in ballots total 29,309 so far with Republicans casting 12,445 versus the Dems’ 11,100.

Of course, the lion’s share of votes come from Clark County where almost 75% of Nevadans live, and  a big majority are Democrats.

It’s notable that this marked the third straight day of 30,000+ voters
in Clark County. Yesterday’s total in Clark County was 34,603. For
comparison, in 2012 the third day total was 30,598. 

All told that’s 80,346 ballots from the Dems and 58,435 for the Republicans. A difference of almost 22,000.

As noted earlier, we don’t know how those folks voted, but history shows the vast majority of voters cast their ballot for their registered party.

Donald Trump and his followers can point to turn-out for his rallies, but the true “enthusiasm” shows up at the ballot box.  Just saying…