Early Voting Starts In Nevada

Early Voting Starts In Nevada
And…, DONE!

Now you KNOW I’m gonna get my vote on the very first day, the very first hour of early voting here in Las Vegas.

Long lines showing up all over the city (you can even vote at your grocery store!), but my polling place was moving along quite smoothly.

No shenanigans, no ugliness – just good, clean electoral processes happening on a gorgeous Nevada day.

Early voting accounts for nearly 50% of the vote in Nevada in presidential election years. And in those cycles with the presidency on the ballot, around 80% of registered voters show up to make their voices heard – 81% in 2012, 80% in 2008 and 79.9% in 2004.

If you need info about where to vote in Las Vegas, click here.

Now go vote, and if you’ve already voted come see me today at Las Vegas PRIDE in Sunset Park. I’ll be hosting the mainstage from 5-7PM!

Early Voting Starts In Nevada
Looks like a long line but it moved quickly