Wine, Maluma, And Miami Beach + More InstaHunks

Wine Maluma and Miami Beach
Maluma on Miami Beach (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week beginning with pop star Maluma, who wined things down on Miami Beach (swipe for refreshment).

…while AHS: NYC’s ‘Big Daddy’ Matthew Bishop celebrated Rodiney Santiago’s birthday:

Pierre and Nick celebrated six years since they fell for each other:

Wrestling champ Chris Bednarik says calm is his super power:

Shade Andrew got dressed to bust some moves:

Nathan describes his flat, hard abs as “coming in decently?” #FoundTheBeef

Ashley celebrated nine years living as his authentic, sexy self:

“Life moves pretty fast” but Pierre Vuala knows how to slow down:

Noah Gao was feeling Phuket:

Ma~leek ‘bummed’ around Sydney’s WorldPride

…while Stephen Pennells joined 50,000 LGBTQ folks for a Pride march across Sydney’s Harbour Bridge as part of the WorldPride celebrations. (Swipe right for more pics).

Marven snapped his first selfie at his new pad:

Sterling Walker loves himself some mountains:

Chris Salvatore’s fur baby Bobby was giving out fresh kisses:

Former Olympian Brett Morse calls it – “Fluffy for the win!”

Marek was feeling perfect in pink:

Daniel is the nizzle with the shizzle in the cupcake kabam: