InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Checking in on Bruno Baba and more InstaHunks this week
Checking in on Bruno Baba and more InstaHunks this week
(screen capture via Baba_Bruno)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week…

First up, Bruno Baba took our breath away remembering one of his favorite songs:

Max Emerson played with his ball in The Woods:

Garrett Magee enjoyed a summer shower in the pool:

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald found some magic at the bottom of a waterfall:

Personal coach Carson Tueller shared some thoughts (and a selfie) on his relationship with his body:

Fabrício Ternes began a new love story with his new beagle, Boris:

Ruben Rod and Alex Tikas sent greetings from a ‘naughty-cal’ themed party during Bear Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

HawaiiMuscleBear couldn’t resist his New York City hotel room mirror. Ace, Ace, baby…

Jason Carter tuned out the noise:

Fashion designer Daniel Sheehan tried on some new shirts:

Colin O’Leary was COMMITTED to his “Vogue” tribute (catch that fan, Colin!)

Wes Dupee got down and dirty encouraging young things to grow:

InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Max Emerson heads to Fire Island

Checking in on some of my favorite InstaHunks…

First up, Joe Manganiello (above) wished his adorbs doggo Bubbles happy birthday.

Bremen Menelli showed off some pretty mad soccer skills – hit the play button:

Comedian Raneir Pollard served up bombastic red, white and blue birthday wishes to the U.S. of A.

Daniel Newman and Nick Topel had a rainbow bowling kind of Miami experience:

Joel Green is getting all fancy with his elevator selfies:

Shea Scott got his workout in before the heat arrived:

Las Vegas-based model Chaun Williams found his own way to beat the heat:

Moe Bear swears he’s wearing pants:

HawaiiMuscleBear is heading to Fire Island:

And look at that – Max Emerson has his own special ferry to Fire Island:

Bonus Max: The things you find on Fire Island…

Yeti had an endorphin rush:

Bruno Baba polled his followers on his current situation:

Artist Okkar Min Maung headed to dreamland:

And how about one more from dog daddy Joe Manganiello and Bubbles (who clearly has the best seat in the house):

Does This ‘Bad Boy’ Have The Best ‘Package’ Deal He Can Get?

Drew Canan in 'Bad Actor Boy'
Drew Canan in ‘Bad Actor Boy’ (screen capture)

In the latest episode of the Bad Boy web series, screenwriter Scott (played by series creator Artie O’Daly) finds himself sitting in his agent’s office excited by the good news that someone wants to make his movie.

Except…it’s not the awesome prison drama he’s so proud of but another about ‘bad boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) – “a stripper criminal who’s basically a horny puppy who somehow became a human?”

Sounds like a blockbuster – ruff!

Potential producer Vanessa shows up for the meeting and while she’s interested in the script, she stresses the importance of the best possible package deal.

Cue Jim and his tear-away pants putting his “best possible package” right up front.

Much to Scott’s chagrin, part of that “package” involves casting Jim as himself in the film which results in exploring the beefy bad boy’s acting skills. Or lack thereof.

But as Scott may have to go with the flow after his former agent messages him to say a crazy man is threatening to murder Scott if he pursues getting his prison script produced.

Meanwhile, our hero’s new agent Jamila is angling for any script to get optioned as she’s got some Lexus payments that are in arrears.

Along the way horny assistant agent Roderick pops in and out to provide updates on his stalking dating plans with absent bad boy BJ.

Make sense? Nope. But that’s the fun of it all. Everyone except Scott is all into their own visceral wants and needs which pretty much says it all in this Hollywood allegory.

Hit the play button and see who you end up rooting for.

And stick around for the clever end credit graphics by Charlie Branigan which tell the tale of each character’s world view.

You can find my previous coverage of the ‘Bad Boy’ web series here.