Wilton Manors: Customer Spits In Bartender’s Face After Being Asked To Wear Face Mask

Wilton Manors: Customer Spits In Bartender’s Face After Being Asked To Wear Face Mask
L-R Gary Bouvier, bartender Shane Cullinan

WSVN News reports that Gary Bouvier, owner of the local restaurant Wilton Wings, spit into the face of a bartender at The PUB, located in Wilton Manors, Florida, after being asked to wear a face mask due to the ongoing coronavirus health threat.

Bouvier is reportedly under investigation by Wilton Manors Police Department and faces felony assault charges related to the attack.

It’s worth noting The PUB has a sign posted on the front door requiring customers to wear a face mask.

The Independent reported today the number of coronavirus cases in Florida has hit a new daily record.

Via Shane Cullinan’s Facebook:

Friday night I had a guy actually come behind the bar looking for a restroom. I told him it was on the other side and he needed to put his mask on while walking around. He said, “ You don’t know who I am, and fuck off.”

I followed him to near the bathroom and told him the masks were to protect others and he needed to wear one while walking about. Again, he said, “You don’t know who I am and to fuck your mom.”

He continued to say “you don’t know who I am” and shouted profanity. I walked away although he said I assaulted him in the bathroom. We have video and I never went in the bathroom.

Probably about 7 minutes later he comes in from outside, actually has a mask on, pulls it down and spits in my face. He says, “Fuck off and you messed with the wrong person” I was completely in shock and so was his wife. This man spit in my face and put my life at risk and other patrons who were around the area. Spit stays in the air for a while. We called the Wilton police right away but he ran out to his Lamborghini to get away.

Bouvier issued a statement on the Wilton Manors Gayborhood Facebook page expressing his “sincere regret” for the incident. He wrote, in part, “I consumed too much alcohol and engaged in out-of-character behavior for which I profoundly regret.”

Saying he “deeply” apologizes to Mr. Cullinan, he adds he is “making efforts” to convey his sorrow and hopes that “one moment of poor judgment does not define” who he is.

Some folks on the Gayborhood FB page have alluded to “everyone” having a “moment of weakness” and the apology should be enough.

I have to ask – who reading this has ever SPIT in the face of a bartender or announced: “You don’t know who I am!”