Texas Pastor: All Gays Should Be “Shot In The Back Of The Head”

Texas pastor Dillon Awes of the Stedfast Baptist Church called for all homosexuals to be lined up and "shot in the back of the head."
Pastor Dillon Awes of Stedfast Baptist Church (screen capture)

Pastor Dillon Awes of Stedfast Baptist Church in Watauga, Texas, called for the execution of LGBTQ people over the weekend saying homosexuals should be “shot in the back of the head.”

Awes told parishioners that all gay men were either predatory pedophiles who have either committed sex crimes against a child or just haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet.

“What does God say is the answer, is the solution for the homosexual in 2022, here in the New Testament, here in the book of Romans? That they are worthy of death,” Awes declared in his Sunday sermon titled “Why We Won’t Shut Up.”

“These people should be put to death,” Awes continued. “Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with a crime, the abomination of homosexuality that they have, they should be convicted in a lawful trial, they should be sentenced to death, they should be lined up against a wall and shot in the back of the head.”

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed the Stedfast Baptist Church to be a certified hate group. And in 2016, the church’s then pastor, Donnie Romero, prayed for the victims of the deadly Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, to die.