Spain: 4th Suspect Arrested In Brutal Murder Of Samuel Luiz

Samuel Luiz (image via Facebook)
Samuel Luiz (image via Facebook)
Samuel Luiz (image via Facebook)

A fourth suspect has been arrested and charged in the murder of Samuel Luiz, a 24-year-old gay man in Spain.

In a Twitter statement, the Policía Nacional announced the arrest of a man aged between 20 and 25. In addition to murder, he is charged with allegedly stealing the victim’s mobile phone.

This comes after 3 A Coruña residents were arrested in connection with the death of Luiz on Wednesday. The deadly assault was perpetrated by more than a dozen people near a nightclub in the Galician city.

The fourth suspect is apparently friends with the initial suspects, according La Vanguardia, a Spanish-speaking newspaper.

None of the suspects knew the victim prior to the attack according to reports.

The incident began when Luiz reportedly stepped out of the nightclub to video chat with a friend. The attacker apparently believed Luiz was recording him and demanded he stop – “Either stop recording or I’ll kill you, f*g,” yelled one of the attackers.

After initially beating Luiz for a couple of minutes, the attacker left the scene but quickly returned with a mob of friends who all joined in kicking and beating Luiz.

Surveillance footage captured the assault which stretched out for several blocks along the street until Luiz collapsed and passed out.

Media reports say the video clips show the group continued to cheer the attack on as they continued to kick and beat him.

Luiz died just hours later on Saturday at the A Coruña Hospital. A spokesman for the police told the press, “They showed him no mercy.”

3 Arrested In Brutal Murder Of Young Gay Man In Spain

Samuel Luiz (image via Facebook)
Samuel Luiz (image via Facebook)

Protests have spread across the globe following the brutal murder of a young gay man in Spain at the hands of an anti-gay mob on July 3.

Via The Guardian:

Samuel Luiz, a 24-year-old nursing assistant, was out with friends in the Galician city of A Coruña in the early hours of Saturday when an argument started outside a nightclub.

His friends told El Mundo that Luiz had stepped out of the club to make a video call when two passersby accused him of trying to film them on his phone. Luiz explained he was talking to a friend by video, but he was allegedly attacked by one of the passersby and left with a badly bruised face.

Five minutes later, the assailant allegedly returned with 12 others who beat Luiz unconscious. He was taken to hospital, where he died later on Saturday morning.

Fifteen people have reportedly given eyewitness accounts of the attack.

Luiz’s friend, Vanessa, who he was video messaging with, was a virtual witness to the assault. “All we could hear were blows,” she told the media.

This evening, Spain’s Policía Nacional announced three people between the ages of 20 and 25 had been arrested as “the alleged perpetrators of the violence assault that ended Samuel Luiz’s life.” The police statement went on to say more arrests could follow.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted his condolences to Luiz’s family calling the assault “a savage and ruthless act.”

Tweet by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (translation by Twitter)

More from Reuters:

People took to the streets of Spain’s biggest cities on Monday evening to express their anger at the death of a man in a suspected homophobic attack at the weekend.

Crowds filled a central Madrid square and activists marched down a major street in Barcelona, chanting slogans and waving placards and rainbow-coloured flags.

Interior Ministry data shows 278 hate crimes related to sexual orientation or gender identity were reported in Spain in 2019, an 8.6% increase on the previous year. The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights warns only a fraction of hate crimes are reported to the police.

Protests in Spain over the death of Samuel Luiz (screen capture)

NYC Hate Crime Leaves Victim’s Jaw Broken In Two Places

Sina Rezaie
Sina Rezaie
Sina Rezaie (image via Instagram)

A 29-year-old doctor was viciously attacked for no apparent reason early Saturday morning in New York City leaving him hospitalized.

Sina Rezaie says he was walking home from the subway in Greenwich Village when he heard a man shout an anti-gay slur.

“He called me a ‘fa**ot’ and then half a block later, he came from behind and kicked and punched me multiple times,” Rezaie told NBC News from his hospital bed late Saturday.

After the attacker fled the scene, Rezaie stumbled his way to a nearby bar where two friends, Laurie Beck and Richard Delay were working.

Beck says she noticed Rezaie through the window staggering and walking erratically on the sidewalk.

Delay ran outside to check on the doctor before calling to Beck to bring some supplies like a bottle of water and paper towels.

“I saw him holding his mouth, blood running out from face,” Delay told NBC News. “He said that he had gotten attacked by some guy who said something to him as he came off the train. Apparently the guy called him a slur and then threw him to the ground, and started kicking him repeatedly.”

The assault left the doctor with a broken jaw in two places. Due to the extent of his injuries, Rezaie had to undergo emergency surgery to wire his mouth shut with metal plates and screws which will have to remain for at least a month.

Although there are surveillance cameras throughout the area, police have yet to announce any arrests or suspects.

His friends have set up a crowdfunding campaign to help Rezaie

Meanwhile, Rezaie – who says he’s always felt safe in his neighborhood – still has no idea why he was the target of an apparent hate crime.

“I don’t know why this happened to me,” said the physician.

In a post to his Instagram account, Rezaie thanked his friends and followers for the many get-well messages he’s received and added he is now at home recuperating.

House Republicans Block Bill To Help LGBTQ Small Businesses

(screen capture via C-SPAN)

A statement from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office:

House Republicans are using Pride Month to attack LGBTQ-owned small businesses. Republicans lined up on Tuesday to prevent Congressman Richie Torres’ LGBTQ Business Equal Credit Enforcement and Investment Act from passing on suspension.

The bill would help ensure that financial institutions are providing LGBTQ-owned small businesses equal access to credit.

177 Republicans voted against the measure – meaning that 85 percent of House Republicans present voted against the bill. Passing this uncontroversial bill to help small businesses stay afloat during a pandemic should be a no-brainer.

Sadly, no attack is too low for this House Republican Conference, not even attacking LGBTQ-owned small businesses during Pride Month.

CMT Added Rainbow For Pride And The Haters Got Mad

(image via Facebook/CMT)

CMT (Country Music Television) tried to do a little something for Pride Month by changing its logo/profile image on Facebook to include the colors of the rainbow flag on Monday.

Since that time the image has received 1,200+ comments and 4,000+ reactions. It probably won’t surprise you to learn the majority appear to be unhinged anti-LGBTQ folks who couldn’t stop themselves from ranting at CMT for the rainbow move.

Here are just some of the lame, hateful reactions on the CMT Facebook page. The saddest thing is none are very original:

Kurt: “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!” (We told you they weren’t very creative…)

Melody: “It’s ridiculous to celebrate an entire month just for being gay yet our Veterans get one day. Veterans deserve better.” (Umm, May is National Military Appreciation Month, but whatevs…)

Steven: “So sad and juvenile that CMT caves to political correctness.”

Calvin: “Great so now CMT done jumped on the gay pride band wagon what a joke no more CMT for me.”

Mike: “Well the kind of so called country music now days fit their wussafide pop rap crap”

Daryl: “I’m proud to be white and straight.”

Gar: “What you do behind closed doors carry on but when everyone is ramming this in our faces gets beyond a joke. Are we going to have straight day ? Worlds gone mad”

Jason: “Every time I see a rainbow I unlike the page I’m sick of seeing it where is the straight flag”

Sammi: “Disgusting, pandering, money obsessed fools. Country music is officially Godless.”

Perhaps the funniest part of the comments were the number of people still bent out of joint because CMT apparently stopped airing Dukes of Hazzard reruns. There were dozens of remarks about the booting of Bo and Luke Duke.

Keith: “Wrong. Just wrong. Y’all over do the gay and lesbo. I don’t care if you are… but we sure as hell don’t need a whole month of this crap. And bring back Dukes of Hazard you nazi’s.”

(screen capture from Dukes of Hazzard)

But it wasn’t all ugly. There were many responses thanking CMT for the gesture as well as sharing gifs from Brokeback Mountain and rainbow flags.

Sarah: “Thank you so much! We can love country music and believe in basic human rights!”

H.M.: “Thank you, CMT for standing with ALL OF US!”

Tony: “Happy for CMT I’m gay. It’s not a political thing. It’s to support the LGBTQ. Because there are a lot of haters out there. And it’s time to stand up and support people.”

Tracey: “Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not pie.”

Arlo: “OOOH Yall gonna make the hillbilly bigots maaaaaad!!!!!! But we thank you for those who support !!!! Sincerely, the next transgender country singer”

Kathleen: “I love this. Thanks for posting. As a queer Southern person, I feel seen!”

(Brokeback Mountain screen capture via YouTube)