Super Bowl Wrap Up: Tom Brady, Face Masks , And Amanda Gorman

Poet Amanda Gorman at Super Bowl LV
Poet Amanda Gorman at Super Bowl LV
Poet Amanda Gorman at Super Bowl LV

Three quick Super Bowl bites as we move on from the terribly lop-sided event into this Monday morning:

• While I’m no fan, there’s no denying Tom Brady is pretty much the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. That said, why did he have to choose to make a statement about not wearing a face mask as he entered the stadium yesterday – even as everyone around him did?

• And speaking of ‘no face mask’…

• But I’ll close this with the luminous Amanda Gorman who helped open the Super Bowl with this:

Happy Monday everyone!

RuPaul, Dan Levy, Lil Nas X & More In SuperBowl LV Ads

RuPaul and friends in an ad for Paramount+ 

We’re getting ready here at Randy Report Central to watch The Weeknd concert where I hear they’ll be playing some sportsball.

Of course, we like to see the big-deal Super Bowl commercials (and love the costumes the players wear), but just in case you miss it, here’s a round-up of the ads featuring LGBTQ folks.

Drag star RuPaul, Grammy Award winner Lil Nas X, tennis legend Billie Jean King, and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy all star in ads this year.

Check them out below.

By the way, my dad was one of the first sports handicappers in the United States going all the way back to 1958. A major athlete himself, he really understood football, basketball and baseball, but unfortunately those sports smarts weren’t genetic.

So, I have no idea who’ll win the game although I’d love to see Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs take it home just because…

JLo & Shakira Slay But Conservative Hypocrisy Rages

JLo at Super Bowl LIV

So, the world seems split on the much-talked-about J.Lo/Shakira performance during last night’s Super Bowl half-time show.

As my Instinct colleague Corey Andrew noted there seems to be some hypocrisy in how Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl performance was viewed differently compared to last night’s Latin spectacular. Click over to Corey’s post to get his full take.

There was also some disagreement on why it’s ok for a male rocker to parade around shirtless during his Super Bowl performance but 40+ Latina women being all sexy and empowered seemed to be “too much?” #morehypocrisy

Conservative folks are apparently fine with their president paying porn stars for sex while his newborn child is at home with Melania, but strong Latinas in revealing stage costumes is a bridge too far…?

From professional conservative hypocrite Franklin Graham:

“I don’t expect the world to act like the church, but our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time television in order to protect children. We see that disappearing before our eyes. It was demonstrated tonight in the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show—with millions of children watching. This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. With the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide, instead of lowering the standard, we as a society should be raising it. I’m disappointed in Pepsi and the NFL.”

Shakira at Super Bowl LIV

USA Today wondered, Was it empowering to watch two women of color over 40 performing in an often-provocative way? Or had we reverted back to a pre-#MeToo moment of objectifying women?”

Puh-leeze.  I think it was fabulous!

In any case, what matters is: gay Twitter was living for the sports ball extravaganza.

Take a look at some of the responses:

News Round-Up: January 30, 2020

Ryan Worley (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Ryan Worley (above), of the world-famous Chippendales, is totes adorbs watching this kitten’s fascination with a string of lights. Follow him on Instagram here.

Advocate: The South Dakota House of Representatives Wednesday approved a bill that would make it a crime for doctors to give gender-transition treatment to minors. Doctors could receive up to a year in prison and a fine of $2,000.

Super Bowl: RuPaul took to social media to remind folks that he was the first drag queen to star in a Super Bowl commercial back in 2000. Here’s some #TBT action for you:

AP: A bill proposed by a group of Republican lawmakers on Wednesday that would have amended the Iowa Civil Rights Act by removing protections against discrimination for transgender people is dead.

ABC News: Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Donald Trump would “definitely” encourage primary challengers to run against any GOP Senators who vote against him in the ongoing impeachment trial. “You could very well see the president encouraging or creating primaries against senators that are up this year if they went and voted the other way,”

Sesame Street: The long-running children’s television show announced on Facebook today that Tony, Emmy and Grammy Award winner Billy Porter will be “bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street” in an upcoming episode. The post showed Porter posing in his iconic tuxedo dress from the Oscars.

Jonathan Van Ness Stars In Pop-Tarts Super Bowl Spot

Super Bowl commercials aren’t just for drag queens, don’t you know?

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness stars in a new spot for Pop-Tarts Pretzels set to air during the second quarter of the big game on February 2.

If you’re “struggs to snack,” Van Ness wants you to know Pop-Tarts ‘fixed that for you.’

“From ho-hum to so-yum, Pop-Tarts Pretzel is the perfect combo of sweet and salty,” extols the exuberant hairstylist.

But wait – there’s more!

The Street reports that immediately after the ad airs, Pop-Tarts plans a live giveaway for fans who follow @PopTartsUS to win gifts like the sparkly jersey Van Ness wears in the commercial and more.

Look for more LGBTQ representation during the Super Bowl.

• RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Miz Cracker and Kim Chi will star in a spot for Sabra hummus plus:

• Openly lesbian Katie Sowers, an Offensive Assistant Coach for the San Francisco 49ers, will be featured in a Microsoft ad

• Transgender actresses Trace Lysette (Transparent) and Isis King (When They See Us) appear in a Turbo Tax spot

• Bisexual Lilly Singh (Late Night with Lilly Singh) in an Olay commercial

• And talk-show queen Ellen DeGeneres will star with wife Portia de Rossi in an advert for Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

News Round-Up: January 28, 2020

Jeff Ferreira (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Woofy Jeff Ferreira (above), standing in Times Square, “Kiss me, use me! Today I will be all yours!” #HoldMyBeer You can follow Jeff on Instagram here.

MetroWeekly: A pastor and right-wing broadcaster who was recently granted press credentials by the White House has claimed that the coronavirus was sent by God to “purge” LGBTQ people.

Advocate: Thanks to public outcry by queer Los Angelenos, the L.A. LGBT Center will not be losing its funding to offer free tests for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. On Monday, the center was informed its resources were scheduled to be cut – but queens will rise up.

Super Bowl: Rupaul’s Drag Race alums Kim Chi and Miz Cracker are featured in a new commercial for Sabra hummus scheduled for the big game on February 2.

Instinct Magazine: Porn star Armond Rizzo took to his social media after being approached by an adult studio that reportedly pays performers in the bottom bunk less than their co-stars. Armond was not having it: “It’s just unjust you pay bottoms less, and for that I decline working for you!”

Washington Blade: The Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday voted 63-34 to repeal the state’s statutory same-sex marriage ban. House Bill 1490, introduced by state Del. Nancy Guy (D-Virginia Beach), would officially repeal Virginia’s prohibition the U.S. Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional in its 2015 ruling in the Obergefell case.

LA Times: Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken a significant lead – 6 points over Sen. Elizabeth Warren in number two spot – in the Democratic primary race in California. Under state Democratic Party’s rules, delegates go to candidates who get at least 15% of the vote statewide or in a congressional district.

News Round-Up: January 7, 2020

Pete Buttigieg (via Facebook)

Some news items you might have missed:

Deadline: Pete Buttigieg will appear at another Fox News town hall on January 26, a little more than a week before the Iowa caucuses, with Chris Wallace as moderator. This will be Buttigieg’s second Fox News town hall, having headlined a well-received event last May. He’s one of six Democratic candidates to appear at town halls on the network.

Instinct Magazine: A Canadian man has been busted for mailing an envelope filled with white powder – and a note with an indication that the powder was anthrax – to New York City East Village spot Nowhere Bar.

CBS News: A new CBS News poll ties Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg for the lead in Iowa. Sanders, Biden and Buttigieg are tied at 23%, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren comes fourth with 16% and Sen. Amy Klobuchar falls in fifth at 7%.

Washington Post: Rep. Duncan D. Hunter will resign from Congress effective January 13, more than one month after the California Republican pleaded guilty in federal court to misusing campaign funds. The six-term congressman is scheduled to be sentenced in March. He faces a maximum of five years in prison, although he is expected to serve less than one year.

Politico: Donald Trump’s reelection campaign will spend $10 million on 60 seconds of television ad time during the Super Bowl next month as the president ramps up his push for a second term.

New York Times: Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell informed Republicans on Tuesday that he planned to move forward with President Trump’s impeachment trial without committing to additional witnesses or admitting new evidence, over the objections of Democrats who are insisting on both.

News Round-Up: September 26, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Fitness guy Bremen Menelli (above) took a walk in the park. A very, very wet park… 🙂

Instinct: Openly gay sports radio host Seth Dunlap has filed a discrimination lawsuit against his station WWL after the Twitter account for the station called him a “fag.” In the 15 days since the posting of the tweet, the station has reportedly not apologized to Dunlap nor has the employee who wrote the tweet been identified. WWL Radio is alleging that Dunlap sent the homophobic tweet himself in an attempt to extort $1.8 million from the station.

NY Daily News: A gay couple eating at a Queen restaurant say they were viciously attacked by a group of homophobic guests, and neither the restaurant employees nor the security guard moved to intervene. “We asked one of the security guys to do something about it but he said that the best we could do is to finish eating and leave.” Pepsi, the NFL and Roc Nation has announced artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform for the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV halftime show on February 2, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. Past headliners have included Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Madonna.

The Atlantic: “It is impossible that the whistle-blower is a hero and I’m not. And I will be the hero! These morons—when this is over, I will be the hero.” – Rudy Giuliani

The Advocate: Dallas police Tuesday have arrested Domingo Ramirez-Cavente, 29, in connection with the shooting of a transgender woman, Rony Calderon, over the weekend. An arrest affidavit says that when police brought in Ramirez-Cavente, he admitted in an interview to shooting the victim. He has been charged with aggravated assault.

Variety: Newly-minted Emmy Award winner Billy Porter will add another accomplishment to his resume as it has been announced he will direct an episode of POSE for the upcoming Season 3 of the groundbreaking series.

Out Music: Synth-rock duo Dream Machines recently released this live performance of their latest single, “Sarajevo.”

“Sarajevo” juxtaposes a catchy, upbeat synth groove with a political message about history’s tangential blindness to nationalism. The bass pounds like a juggernaut while lead singer Harry May-Kline’s vocals ask the listener, “are we over the line” in our fear of American zealotry.

Ellen Really Wants To Shave Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman’s Beard

Ellen DeGeneres offers Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman money for charity if she can shave his awesome beard
Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman (and his awesome beard)

Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots dropped by The Ellen Show to chat about winning this year’s big game, but Ellen clearly had one thing on her mind.

After walking out with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in hand (and that glorious beard on his face), Ellen asks if each player gets a trophy. The answer is ‘no,’ but Edelman does share you can buy one – from Tiffany’s!

After presenting him with the MVP award, Ellen does explain since it’s his first time on the show that there’s a tradition that a shirtless pic has to be shown (!!!).

And she does. Squee!!! I ain’t mad.

But wait, there’s more!

Another pic – and jostling Julian is naked in it! This one from his photo shoot for the 2017 ESPN Magazine Body Issue.

When did TV talk shows get to be so much fun?

Ellen notes the technical merits of the photo asking, “How’d you do that? What’s happening there? I mean, you just jumped in the air and they took that picture?”

“You know… it was a crazy day,” offers Edelman. “The temperature was just right, though, that was a good thing,” he adds with a smile.

After pointing out his obviously muscular legs, Ellen shifts her attention to Edelman’s arms and how you can’t miss them, even asking, “Do you wear shorter sleeves than the other guys?”

And he does!

Edelman explains something about ‘being tight,’ and less surface area, and ‘putting hands on him,’ but it was lost on me as I was still looking at his biceps, so, oops.

He adds it takes two guys to put the jersey on him before a game. “And afterwards, it’s like the worst thing ever… getting it off.”

“Getting it off?” inquires Ellen.

“Yeah, getting it off….” affirms the wide receiver.

“Cause it’s so tight and sweaty?”

“Without a doubt,” confirms Edelman.

I might have lost consciousness there for a second, anyway…

Ellen finally gets to what’s really been on her mind as she addresses Edelman’s big, bushy beard. #swoon

Asked if he’s shaved at all since the football season began months ago, Edelman explains, “(Patriots) Coach Belichick says ‘Put everything in the drawer, and worry about it ’til the season’s done.’ So I put my razor in the drawer.”

Noting that the 32-year-old wide receiver is a fan of The Boys & Girls Club of America, our intrepid host finally gets down to business offering him $10,000 for the charity if he’ll allow her to shave his beard.

Wait, whaaaat? The beard is going away…??? But, but… #stunnedblankface

Edelman grabs his whiskers (as if to protect them) as he ponders the offer. “It’s like a child that grows on you…,” he says.

But he’s up for it, and even offers to kick in his own $10K for the Boys & Girls Club. So, off to the barber’s chair they go.

Before they get started Edelman does inquire as to whether Ellen knows how to trim a beard, and she helpfully offers that she’s used clippers on her dog.

So, great.

Ellen gets going with the clippers and you can see some apprehension in Edelman’s face. But he’s a tough guy, he’ll get through.

Halfway through Ellen checks to see if “there’s anything else” he’d like trimmed?

“Are we talking a Brazilian?,” says Edelman laughing.

Ellen does stop to consider whether the considerable porn stache should stay for a moment…

Going, going….


You know, that is a handsome face.

And all for a good cause! Happy Friday!