News Round-Up: July 24, 2020

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Some news items you might have missed:

Instagram: The above is from one of my current favorite Instagram accounts, BigKidProblems. Follow them here for more witticisms on adulting.

The Advocate: A new study makes clear what we already knew to be an absolute truth: Male bisexuality exists. The study notes that the most equal bisexual response from the participants were found in men who rated themselves as Kinsey 2s, i.e. straight leaning, despite the vast majority of their arousal tests displaying at Kinsey 3.

New Music: Led by out frontman Tyler Glenn, alt-pop group Neon Trees drops its long-awaited 4th studio album today, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. I’m digging the latest single, “Night,” which reminds me of 1980s Phil Collins/Genesis pop-rock – in a very good way. Between the brooding, catchy chorus and the pulsing, new wave beat, this is a good thing.

Buzzfeed News: As the US grapples with a global pandemic that has stretched hospitals to the limit, a Christian university in Tennessee has rescinded a student’s offer of acceptance after learning he is gay. Alex Duron, an ICU nurse treating COVID-19 patients in San Antonio, says a few days after his interview the school called to say he’d “blown them away” and offered him admission. At no point did the school indicate that being gay was an issue.

Theatermania: Writer Alex Wood recently attended the first West End show staged with social distancing. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber hosted an evening at London’s famed Palladium using only 500 of the venue’s 2,000 seats and included a new, refined air filtering system and temperature checks.

CBS-LA: An employee at a Los Angeles area Ralphs grocery store asked a male customer to wear a mask or leave the store. Instead, he rammed her with a shopping cart, so she pepper-sprayed him and called police. Witnesses to the altercation said the employee was defending herself, but she was still suspended for her part in the incident.

Gr8erDays: Matt Rettenmund’s nostalgic Instagram account that remembers stars of yesteryear celebrates uber-handsome Mark Goddard, who played Major Don West in the 1960s sci-fi TV series, Lost In Space. Goddard turns 84 years young today.

Out Music: VINCINT, Tommy Boi, Kim Petras & Kygo, Neon Trees

VINCINT (photo: Matthew Takes)

New music from top-notch out artists for your weekend…

First up, acclaimed singer-songwriter VINCINT has teamed up with the cast of Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning series, Queer Eye, to unveil the music video for Be Me.”

Directed by Jake Wilson (Cher, Lizzo, Jonas Brothers), the video was filmed by VINCINT and the Fab Five using their iPhone cameras during quarantine.

The track is pure musical joy.

“It’s a celebration of the self!” says VINCINT. “A moment to believe that you can be more than what you thought you ever could. This video is a burst of light in a time where light is so needed.”

“Be Me” premiered in the official trailer for Season 5 of Queer Eye – which is set in VINCINT’s hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I covered VINCINT’s earlier release, “Save Myself,” here.

California-based Tommy Boi serves up a bit of hopefulness with this heart-on-sleeve pop ballad, blessing in disguise.”

“I grew up as a pastor’s kid so coming out was always like this scary thing that I knew I was going to have to do eventually,” says the young out artist. “I was also made fun of in high school because I was new and kids assumed, I was gay before I was ready to come out.

“It was really painful and hard to know people were making up rumors and talking about me,” he adds. “Anyways, I think this song was just a culmination. It’s me singing to myself while I’m going through it, hoping that everything turns out to be okay in the end.”

I hear Tommy is currently working on a music video for the track, but to be honest – I like being able to experience Tommy’s open, plaintive vocals set atop the haunting, melancholy piano soundscape without a visual to distract me.

Look for his new four-song EP due out late July.

Kim Petras in “Broken Glass” (screen capture)

Pop sensation Kim Petras has teamed up once again with producer and DJ Kygo to release the music video for their pop-tastic collaboration, “Broken Glass.”

The video for the song, which appears on Kygo’s third studio album, Golden Hour, depicts Petras as the queen of a dystopian-inspired, post-apocalyptic nightscape.

Kygo is certainly the artist of the moment. Last week, the producer/DJ held 16 spots on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart beating out Lady Gaga’s 13.

Neon Trees drops their new single, “Mess Me Up,” in advance of their upcoming album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me due out July 24.

“’Mess Me Up’ is the gut-punch of our new album,” says NeonTrees‘ lead singer, Tyler Glenn on the single. “It’s a plea to not let the pain of a break-up linger, set to the tune of a slow dance.”

“What I love tonally is it sounds like that one last dance on prom night before we end it all,” adds the out frontman. “If you’re gonna mess me up, get me addicted, ruin a few good years of my life–Act like you know me and don’t do it slow.”

News Round-Up: June 8, 2020

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Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Woofy Joel Green (above) offers some good advice this Monday – ‘Do not give your past the power to define your future.’ Follow him on Instagram here.

Amazon Prime: The streaming video platform has curated a collection of LGBTQ films, documentaries, and television series all in one place for you to peruse including Rocketman, The Handmaiden, The L Word, RuPaul’s Drag Race and more.

Provincetown: The Massachusetts LGBTQ getaway is open for business just in time for Pride Month. The announcement by Governor Charlie Baker of Phase 2 of the reopening, effective today, allows lodging, restaurants, and retail to open under newly eased and specific guidelines mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

(image via Provincetown Instagram)

Out: Oregon State Head Coach Jonathan Smith dismissed sophomore football player Rocco Carley after learning he’d used racist and homophobic language in a recently discovered audio recording. Smith, along with the school’s Athletic Director Scott Barnes, agreed on booting Carley from the team saying what they heard was “entirely unacceptable, regardless of the circumstance or environment.” Carley has issued an apology saying – like just about everyone who finds themselves in this predicament – the recording doesn’t ‘represent’ who he is today.

The Advocate: L.A. Pride organizers have stepped away from the previously announced Black solidarity march after the event came under fire for its involvement with law enforcement. Some activists noted that any partnership with cops is counterintuitive to the purpose of the protests taking place in response to the killing of George Floyd, police brutality, and race-based violence. Pride organizers say they are “in full support” of the new protest, which is now named the All Black Lives Matter March.

New Music: Dig the super-catchy new single from pop-rock band Neon Trees, “New Best Friend,” from the band’s upcoming album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me.

“They call me crazy, but crazy’s my new best friend.”

“’New Best Friend’ is about embracing the crazy that lives within all of us,” shared out frontman Tyler Glenn. “The nostalgic highs, the unflattering lows, and the beautiful messiness of being human. I’ve realized that there are memories with people that have come and gone in my life, and while I reminisce on those moments, ultimately at the end of the day I’m still left with myself.”

Music Video: Neon Trees “Feel Good”

Neon Trees knows how to throw their own pop-colored pool party in their new music video, “Feel Good.”

Shot on location at the uber-groovy Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs, CA, the pure-pop video is a high-energy shindig complete with patio dancing under neon colored skies, all wrapped up in a retro-tinged package.

As has often been the case, pop music lyrics can capture our prevailing societal current, and frontman Tyler Glenn’s message is clear.

“Thematically it’s essentially me saying ‘enough’ of feeling bad all the time. Late last year I was waking up each day, but I couldn’t wait to get back to bed. It took so much effort to just feel ok. I turned to music like I always do, and wrote “Feel Good” at a time when I was feeling pretty low. I think beyond who’s right and who’s wrong about everything going on in the world, there’s a human desire in all of us to feel ok, to ‘Feel Good.’ That’s one truth everyone can agree on.”

“Feel Good” marks Neon Trees’ first new music in more than two years.

Watch the TGIF-worthy video below.

New Music: Neon Trees “Feel Good”

Randy Report fave Neon Trees has released their highly anticipated new single, “Feel Good.”

This marks the first new music from the pop/rock band in two years, and clearly, it was worth the wait.

The tune was penned by Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn and produced by Captain Cuts (Walk The Moon, Grouplove, Chainsmokers) at their Los Angeles studio.

“Thematically it’s essentially me saying ‘enough’ of feeling bad all the time,” Says Glenn.

“Late last year I was waking up each day, but I couldn’t wait to get back to bed. It took so much effort to just feel ok. I turned to music like I always do, and wrote “Feel Good” at a time when I was feeling pretty low. I think beyond who’s right and who’s wrong about everything going on in the world, there’s a human desire in all of us to feel ok, to ‘FEEL GOOD’. That’s one truth everyone can agree on.”

Lauded by Rolling Stone as “a New Wave pop powerhouse,” Neon Trees first arrived in 2006 and instantly attracted acclaim for their colorful, multi-layered mainstream pop style as evidenced on 2010’s debut album, Habits. The album reached #1 on Billboard’s “Heatseekers Albums” chart following the breakthrough success of its lead single, “Animal.”

“Feel Good” certainly sits comfortably in the Neon Trees song cycle with its infectious melodic hook and affirmative lyrics (“Hands up, touch the sky/everybody on your knees and testify/I was searching for the truth/I think they misunderstood/that the truth is, honey, I just want to feel good”). Elaine Bradley’s fantastic work on the drums is killer.

I like 🙂

Check out “Feel Good” below.

I previously wrote about Neon Trees here.

Music Video: Neon Trees “Songs I Can’t Listen To” Featuring Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black with Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn

Multi-platinum group Neon Trees dropped their music video for new single “Songs I Can’t Listen To” featuring Oscar-winning writer, director, producer, and LGBT rights activist Dustin Lance Black.

Exploring the age-old tale of love gone bad, the chorus shares that situation we’ve all found ourselves in: “I’ve got a list of songs I can’t listen to/and it’s all because of you.”

Starts out great, but soon, things get broken. And then, of course, they float in the air.

Watch the full music video below.

Neon Trees