Out Music: VINCINT ‘Save Myself’

Out Music: VINCINT ‘Save Myself’

In advance of his upcoming EP, The Feeling, rising pop recording artist VINCINT drops his new single, “Save Myself.

VINCINT says the new song “is about letting the people in your life who are always ‘there for you’ and constantly giving you unwanted advice or tips on how to live YOUR life ‘better,’ know that you just need them to shut up and let you figure it out on your own!”

“You know what’s right for you; you just gotta block out the voices to hear yourself,” adds the artist. “While you love them and appreciate all that they do, this is a ‘shut up, stand there and watch me ‘Save Myself’ anthem.”

In January, VINCINT told Paper Magazine the new EP represents “my take on love.”

“The joy, pain, happiness, and disappointments… the incredible highs and unforeseeable lows and the self-discovery,” he continued. “These emotions threaded together sum up the way I describe it all. For me, it’s just The Feeling.”

In September, VINCINT premiered his ‘Flashdance’ inspired music video from the project, “Someday.”

Paper Magazine called the track “impressive” and “addictive.” I agree.

“VINCINT just might be our generation’s greatest vocalist.” – PAPER Magazine

“No longer a star is born – VINCINT is a legend in the making.” – Billboard

The new single, “Save Myself,” is available now on all digital download sites, and the EP The Feeling drops Valentine’s Day.