New Music: Lea Michele “Love Is Alive”

Lea Michele (star of TV’s GLEE, Broadway’s Spring Awakening) has released her latest single, “Love Is Alive.” The song is the lead-off track from her upcoming sophomore album, Places.

Michele told People Magazine the song is “about believing in love and the power and beauty of love. It made me so happy while recording it, and I hope it brings the same light and joy to everyone else as it has for me.”

Look for Michele to perform the song on The Late Late Show with James Corden on March 14.

About the new album: “When it came time to name my album, I settled on Places because this album for me represents a return to form, a return to the stage, and a return to the place I belong. When you perform on Broadway the word “Places” is the last thing you hear over the loudspeaker before a show is about to begin. “Places” I thought was the perfect title for this music and how it reflects who I am as an artist today and where I come from.”

Michele is set to release her sophomore album Places later this year on Columbia Records.

Lea’s debut album, 2014’s Louder, debuted at No. 1 on iTunes, and in the Top 5 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

I’ve been a fan of Michele from the first episode of GLEE. Her talent is undeniable. The style of “Love Is Alive” (vocals and production) are a sweet spot for Michele. My only quibble is the repeated refrain at the end doesn’t seem to get where she wants to go. But a mature, well considered performance.

Thoughts, dear readers?

“Love Is Alive” on iTunes here.

Music: Lea Michele “On My Way”

In what could be an ironic nod to her GLEE character “Rachel Berry,” Lea Michele is at times somewhat infatuated with herself (see screen capture above) in this new music video for her single “On My Way” from her debut album LOUDER. When she’s not focused on herself, she’s smoldering at us the audience. Nothing wrong with it really, but it feels like she’s trying pretty hard here.

The video seems to be a road trip with girl friends out having fun until she meets the scruffy, blond guy who seems to drive her to her “blackout state of mind.”

Catchy enough song with lyrics about taking chances.

GLEE: New season previews

In this first sneak preview of the upcoming season of GLEE, we get our first glimpse at Brody Weston (Dean Geyer). Geyer describes his first encounter with Rachel: “He’s showering, she comes in, he comes out naked…”

Dean Geyer plays “Dean Weston” Rachel’s new potential boyfriend?

In addition to Geyer, Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist and Becca Tobin also are joining the series as Marley Rose, Puck’s half-brother Jake and Cherrio Kitty, respectively.

In a newest preview of the upcoming season, it looks like Rachel is headed for a tough time in the “big bad Apple,” New York City. Kate Hudson looks to be no “Mr. Shou” in terms of how she handles Rachel.

GLEE returns Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c on Fox.