Pride Group Excluded From Labor Day Parade + More News

Pride Group Excluded From Labor Day Parade + More News

Some news items you might have missed:

AP News: A local LGBTQ pride group was excluded from a Labor Day parade in Essex, Iowa. Essex Mayor Calvin Kinney spearheaded the decision, with no motions or city council vote. Kinney did not immediately respond to an email from the AP regarding the decision.

The Advocate: Campus Pride won’t include Florida or Texas schools in its list of best colleges and universities for LGBTQ+ students to attend. Instead, the organization issued a “red alert” warning the schools will inevitably fall in rankings and that state leaders have put institutions’ academic reputations at risk.

Washington Blade: A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking a Texas law (Texas House Bill 1181) from taking effect that would have required adult websites to use “reasonable age verification methods”, such as government ID, to ensure users who are accessing explicit content are aged 18 or older.

Pink News: Reviews for Bradley Cooper’s latest film, Maestro, a biopic of queer Jewish composer Leonard Bernstein, are in – and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Broadway: Lea Michele and the cast of Funny Girl ended their run on Sunday, and Michele treated the closing night audience with a bonus song at the curtain call – the Fanny Brice hit “My Man.”