Pride Month: Boy Butter Ad Spot To Air On UFC Fight Night

Facundo Rodriguez for Boy Butter
Facundo Rodriguez for Boy Butter
Facundo Rodriguez for Boy Butter (screen capture)

For several years now, TV audiences in cities across the country have seen the sexy ad spots for personal lubricant Boy Butter during episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Now, Boy Butter is set to launch the first LGBTQ Pride campaign to air on sports networks. That’s right – the sleek new ad spot is scheduled to air on ESPN and ESPN 2 during Boxing matches, SportsCenter news broadcasts and on Saturday UFC Fight Nights.

Produced by StrawHat Productions, the moody 30-second video is reminiscent of iconic 1990s fragrance and fashion campaigns. Shot in black and white, we watch the oh-so-woofy Facundo Rodriguez and Jerreth Ludwig enjoy a languid, romantic afternoon on El Matador Beach in Malibu, California.

“Freedom to me means fearlessness,” a voiceover says as the men frolic leisurely in the waves. “It means expressing myself authentically and loving however I choose.”

Donna Feldman, co-founder and producer of StrawHat Productions, says in a statement, “The love shared amongst the men offers a twist to the way the audience of the sport views displays of masculinity.”

Boy Butter founder Eyal Feldman hopes “the ad encourages you to find solace in being yourself, and promotes the message of loving whomever you choose, freely.”

Facundo Rodriguez & Jerreth Ludwig (screen capture)

In addition, the commercial will play during new episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & NYC, 90 Day Fiance, Million Dollar Listing on E!, Bravo, TLC and LOGO in the USA and Season 6 of RuPaul’s All Stars in Canada on OutTV.

Founded in 2003, Boy Butter Lubricants manufactures both oil based and water based personal lubricants that are long lasting, organic, hypo-allergenic, and washable.

Follow Facundo Rodriguez and Jerreth Ludwig on Instagram. And you can check out Boy Butter’s previous ad spots here and here.

Facundo Rodriguez
Facundo Rodriguez (screen capture)


InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Checking in with the Hunks of Instagram this fine holiday weekend.

First up, international pop star Ricky Martin (above) spent some of his weekend with his adorbs French bulldog who joined the family last fall:

Heading into a 6-day work week, Curtis Fitzgerald took time off for #SundayFunday with a shoutout to the hard workers:

Army Nurse Blaize Preston got our attention when he got popping on the Gram:

Rich Burns took a trip to Palm Springs with his pooch, Archie.

Johnny Middlebrooks feels like things are getting “normal-ish again.”

Joel Green had some words for those who judge. Trust and believe, we are NOT judging this pic:

Dr. Marco shared a dramatization based on a real-life encounter as a doctor:

Fitness model Bruno Baba has been playfully poking fun at his pandemic weight gain. Now he’s asking if he should “get even bigger?”

Boy Butter celebrated its 18th anniversary of fighting friction:

NYCGayDad was feeling down from 60 days of laundry, cooking, and cleaning – until the Guncles showed up:

Max Souza threw it back to his time in Bahia because “I’m already missing you!”

Facundo Rodriguez got his Crunch Fitness on…

Yes, Tyler James is serving up some serious ‘jorts’ (jean shorts) in the California desert because he’s “wild like that.”

Bonus: After my recent Brian Sims/crop top post, I was inspired to look for some Insta-bears in crop tops and…success!

InstaHunks Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Diego Barros found his own special Easter costume
Easter memories and memes for this special day beginning with one of my favorite InstaHunks Diego Barros who found his perfect Easter bunny costume
Diego Barros (via Instagram)

Checking in with some of our favorite InstaHunks this week beginning with hottie Diego Barros (above) who found his own special Easter costume #woof

International pop-star Ricky Martin (above) showed off his way cool new tattoo.


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A post shared by Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin)

Fitness guru Joel Green was hanging around Spain looking for a pick-up game:


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A post shared by Joel Wieneke (@green.joel)

Boy Butter spokesmodel Rod Facundo shared some behind the scenes footage from the latest Boy Butter ad shoot:


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A post shared by Facundo (@facundo_rod)

The Griffopotamus offered this snap as his “serious” side:


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A post shared by Griffy (@the_griffopotamus)

‘Tree Man’ Danny Jones took all 6’7″ of his muscular self social fitnessing. Hey, leg day – we can see you…


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A post shared by Danny Jones (@dannyjonesfitness)

Giovanni (aka Buffet Papi) got his groove on jamming to Nicki Minaj:


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A post shared by Giovanni (@buffet_papi)

Lance Bass and his boo Michael Turchin celebrated Easter in their own special way:


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A post shared by Lance Bass (@lancebass)

Furball Hunter Harden offers this wisdom for the ages: “Furry chest > comfy pillow.” We can’t argue with that…


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A post shared by Hunter Harden (@hunterharden)

According to our last of today’s InstaHunks, Marco (aka Taxfighter), this is what accountants in Germany look like:


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Sexy New Boy Butter Ad Will Air During ‘Real Housewives’ On Bravo

Facundo Rodriguez for Boy Butter (screen capture)

More delicious eye-candy from personal lubricant manufacturer Boy Butter.

Starring woofy TV actor Facundo Rodriguez, this new ad spot is inspired by the timeless and iconic 90’s underwear ads of the 90s.

“We wanted to elevate the brand and portray a strong confident male figure that unabashedly owns his sexuality while still appealing to both men and women,” says Donna Feldman, co-founder of Straw Hat Productions, who produced the thirty-second spot. “This is the perfect time for brands not to put their marketing in quarantine.”

The sexy new spot will begin airing during new episodes of Bravo’s Real Housewives of NYC Thursday nights starting April 23rd at 9 pm / 8 Central across Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

“Boy Butter’s ultimate demographic loves the Real Housewives on Bravo and by highlighting our water based Clear lubricant formula, a favorite across genders and sexualities we feel it’s a natural fit.” says Boy Butter founder Eyal Feldman. “We don’t just want to deliver gay images but also make a fun sexy distraction for people in these times of lockdown.”

I am NOT mad at this.

I previously shared Boy Butter’s ad featuring Facundo churning butter in the dunes of Fire Island here. Who doesn’t love a good metaphor? You’ll want to click on that link 🙂

Metaphor Of The Day: Churning Butter In The Dunes Of Fire Island

Check out the 2020 Boy Butter TV commercial starring Facundo Rodriguez for season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

If you tend to watch RPDR live, you may be familiar with the ad spots that have sponsored the show since 2012.

The clip began airing during the show this week on VH1 in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Florida on VH1 and nationwide in Canada on OutTV.

This is Rodriguez’s second ad spot for the company. Past hotties featured in the ads include Seth Fornea and Samuel Lemar.

Shot on location on Fire Island, the spot – directed by Daniel Robinson – is perfect in its simplicity: hot shirtless guy intently focused on churning butter in the dunes.

Who doesn’t love a good metaphor?