Boy Butter Goes Italian In Sensual New Commercial

Boy Butter goes Italian
Facundo Rodriguez and Jerreth Ludwig for Boy Butter (screen capture)

Boy Butter has been running sexy, provocative TV commercials for years, and their newest edition ups the sensuality quotient even more with a romantic Italian spin.

This Friday, January 6th, the personal lubricant company will debut its latest ad spot, titled “Storia D’Amore.”

With a romantic Mediterranean theme, the short film features lush locations, rich colors, and an Italian opera soundscape as it follows the continuing love story of two gorgeous men – Facundo Rodriguez & Jerreth Ludwig.

The Italian love story is a throwback to a time when advertising was all about selling beauty, glamor and sex appeal.

Boy Butter goes Italian with Jerreth Ludwig
Jerreth Ludwig for Boy Butter

“Our aim is to go after the LGBT customer while also elevating the brand in a way that draws in everyone, including straight people, that never knew about Boy Butter and are eager to try it out for themselves.” explains Donna Feldman, producer for Straw Hat Productions who created the ad.

“We want to bring back that sexy glamorous trend for 2023 and just because it is a gay love story does not make it any less appealing to a wider audience,” adds Boy Butter founder Eyal Feldman. “This will be the hottest thing to appear on MTV since the 90’s and the world is ready for it!”

Boy Butter Goes Italian In Sensual New Commercial
(screen capture)

The sensual spot will premiere Friday January 6th 8/7 C during Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race on MTV in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles on and nationwide in Canada on OutTV.

Following its Drag Race debut, the campaign is scheduled to make a splash in the sports world running on ESPN, Fox Sports, and  NFL Network.

Boy Butter Goes Italian In Sensual New Commercial
Facundo Rodriquez for Boy Butter (screen capture)

Boy Butter has been running ad spots in support of RPDR since 2012. Past campaigns have featured Seth Fornea (2017) and Samuel Lemar (2018) utilizing a raucous ‘butter churning’ metaphor. Rodriguez took up the mantle (and metaphor) for 2019 and 2020.

And then in 2021, Straw Hat and Feldman decided to make a shift to a new campaign that was reminiscent of iconic 1990s fragrance and fashion campaigns. That spot became the first LGBTQ Pride campaign to run on national sports networks.

Shot in black and white, the oh-so-woofy Rodriguez and Jerreth Ludwig enjoy a languid, low-key romantic afternoon on El Matador Beach in Malibu, California.

Boy Butter Goes Italian In Sensual New Commercial
Facundo Rodriguez & Jerreth Ludwig (screen capture)

Founded in 2003, Boy Butter Lubricants manufactures both oil based and water based personal lubricants that are long lasting, organic, hypo-allergenic, and washable.