Trevor LaPaglia, Pride + More InstaHunks

Trevor LaPaglia of The Disappointments
Trevor LaPaglia of The Disappointments (via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks beginning with Trevor LaPaglia (The Disappointments), who never disappoints.

Facundo flew his Pride flag high at the beach…

…while Sterling Walker wore his Pride proudly…

…and Jim Newman took it to a new level:

THAI sent Pride greetings from Los Angeles:

CBS News’ Thomas Hanson felt the rainbow in New York City:

The inaugural cruise by queer travel company Outbound Travel landed in Lisbon just in time for Pride:

Nathan got dressed to the beat…

…while Ramon Ventura threw down his own set of moves:

Chubby Tanuki was in the thicc of it all in San Francisco:

Max Emerson’s feet got tired:


Dre helped Nick Miranda up his pec game:

Brandon Osorio and Richie Eisenberg got romantical in wine country:

Thara looked up:

I’m just going to say it – Lucho has great calves…

…and Johnny Sibilly (Queer As Folk) can serve up some thicc thighs:

Shomari Francis was down to beach in Cancun:

Karlitos Amarilla felt the glow of golden hour:

Alexander Liu (A Sexplanation) wants folks to proudly ‘choke their chicken.’

Peanut the squirrel helped his ‘hooman’ get dressed:

Twenty years ago this week actor/singer Matt Zarley became the first out gay man to be included in PEOPLE Magazine’s “Hottest Bachelors” Issue: