Daily Dance: Leap Of Dance Academy

From the Instagram account of the Leap of Dance Academy in Nigeria, a vocational ballet school that is dedicated to providing quality ballet education to indigenous students and young artists.

“With very little or no resources our kids are training to be the best they can,” reads the caption in part. “This is not to bring down anyone but to show their high level of dedication and commitment to our program.”

“Who wouldn’t be proud of them? What teacher wouldn’t pray for students who show/come to class with so much desire to learn? Kids who are ready to dance with or without conditions.”


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FACTS ABOUT OUR PROGRAM. Behind those fanciful in class beauty and costumes are lots and lots of backstage hard work. With very little or no resources our kids are training to be the best they can. This is not to bring down anyone but to show their high level of dedication and committments to our program. Who wouldn’t be proud of them? What teacher wouldn’t pray for students who shows/comes to class with so much desire to learn? Kids who are ready to dance with or without conditions. Imagine what more we could achieve if we have more?🙂 DMs for more information. #leapofdanceacademy #covid19 #donation #vocational #nigerianballetschool #travelingtutusincnigeria #danceacademy #danceeducation #weloveyou #growth #weloveourpartners #yeswecan #dancing #learning

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Daily Dance: Spoof Of Fosse’s ‘Rich Man’s Frug’ In Quarantine Life

Give your brain a mid-day break and enjoy this spoof of Broadway genius Bob Fosse’s “Rich Man’s Frug” from Sweet Charity.

Taking iconic movements from the first section of the dance number – “The Aloof” –  old and new Fosse dancers offer their vision of daily life in quarantine.

Being a Fosse dancer and having tackled “Rich Man’s Frug,” I think this is pretty fun.

So you can see the dance references, here’s the BRILLIANT original choreography from the 1969 film version of the musical starring Shirley MacLaine.

Daily Dance: Travis Wall To Host Virtual “Break The Floor: Live”

Travis Wall (image via Instagram)

Award-winning dancer-choreographer Travis Wall will host Break the Floor: Live, a free virtual dance convention April 18–19.

Faculty members from JUMP, NUVO and 24 Seven will gather virtually for online classes, auditions, a group competition, and more.

The event will be streamed from Break the Floor’s new studio in Los Angeles beginning at 12PM ET April 18.

Wall first hit the national spotlight as a competitor on So You Think You Can Dance in Season 2 before going on to choreograph for the reality dance competition for 14 seasons, earning nine Emmy nominations. He currently serves as a resident choreographer for the reality competition and a guest judge.

He made his New York choreographic debut with MCC Theater’s The Wrong Man last fall.

Wall took to Instagram to share the news writing, “CALLING ALL DANCERS!!!! I’m hosting the FIRST LIVE DANCE CONVENTION APRIL 18th & 19th! Come take class with me and some of your favorite convention teachers! And it’s FREE! My soul needs this! I can not wait to dance with you next weekend! TAG SOMEONE who would love this!!!!”

You can also check out a short live performance by Wall and SYTYCD alum Ricky Ubeda below as well.

Daily Dance: 1984 Morning Show Workout

Tony Britts on BBC’s Breakfast show in 1984 (screen captures)

Oh, take me back to the 80s!

The BBC Archives shares this golden goodie (16 million views since Thursday) from an episode of the Breakfast show in 1984 in the UK.

“It’s day 4 of the BBC Archive quarantine fitness regime! Time to don some tight clothing that doesn’t quite fit and limber up with the one and only Tony Britts!”

Tony’s got a quick little routine consisting of “side to sides,” “ball changes,” and “hands and hips,” although when he puts it all together that “hands and hips” move gets some complicated rhythm going.

I’ve got to say, back in the day – and I was there – being ‘fit’ for most folks meant being lean and toned.

While today’s InstaHunks might have more size than the venerable Mr. Britts, he’s looking pretty jacked for the early 80s.

Over on YouTube, my favorite comment about the clip reads, “He’s so cute, and what a body! How could he get that ripped just by moving sideways?!” #srsly

Fitness InstaHunk Nathan McCallum is feeling the energetic 80s – check out his latest post.

And remember, as Mr. Britts says, “Work hard, play hard, rest hard ok. Lots of fun. Have a good week ahead.”

Daily Dance: Daughters & Dads

It was Daddy/Daughter Day at Echappe Dance Arts in Philadelphia last week.

This class – called Daddy and Me BOGA [B(allet) + (Y)oga] – is described as a fun-filled 2-hour event filled with yoga, ballet & hip hop for Fathers (Father figures) seeking to bond with their little ones by stepping out of their comfort zone!

I don’t really have to say anything here, do I?


Daily Dance

Young Jaden was busting out the breakdancing in downtown Denver when this police officer jumped in with some fierce moves of his own.

Don’t ever stop dancing, kids.

Daily Dance: Behind-The-Scenes Of FX’s ‘Fosse/Verdon’

I have loved FX’s mini-series Fosse/Verdon. Sorry to see we reached the finale this Tuesday.

One of the highlights of the series, which chronicles the lives, love and collaborations of director/choreographer Bob Fosse and 4-time Tony Award winner Gwen Verdon, has been the attention to detail in regard to the famous ‘Fosse style’ of dance presented throughout the series.

FX put together this behind-the-scenes look at how the choreography achieved such authenticity, in great part to members of the Verdon Fosse Legacy Project.

The project is made of of dancers who worked closely with Fosse on his Broadway productions and so have first hand knowledge of what the true, original intent of iconic steps and dance numbers was.

In the video below, Dana Moore, Lloyd Culbreath, and Valarie Pettiford talk about their work and experiences with the master himself.

I’ve worked with Dana, Lloyd and Valarie, and they definitely are the keepers of the flame.

When I went into the Broadway production of Chicago the Musical, it truly was like learning a new language. Dancing ‘Fosse style’ means mastering a vocabulary all unto itself.

Over the years, I’ve staged four productions of Chicago using the same approach that Ann Reinking did of creating my own version but utilizing the vocabulary, and there’s no cheating on that.

Trust and believe, Fosse dancers spot bad ‘imitation Fosse’ from a mile away.

Check out the video below, and bravo to the folks who gave us this terrific series.