Campaign Ad: Donald Trump & Temperament

From the pro-Hillary Clinton PAC Priorities USA, another ad crafted from Donald Trump’s own words.

The spot begins with this confident statement from the first presidential debate last night – “I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament.”

And then we are off to the races.

Campaign Ad: “Mirrors”

New campaign ad out today from Hillary Clinton highlighting just a few of Donald Trump’s hideous comments about women, while raising the question: is Donald Trump “the president we want for our daughters?”

The spot uses the Trumpster’s own voice from the past, with comments like, “I’d look her right in that ugly face of hers,” and describing one woman as a “a fat slob” and eating “like a pig.” All of that takes place as video of young girls, staring at their own images in the mirror, plays out.

As political junkies know, Trump has struggled mightily in attracting the support of female voters. A McClatchy-Marist poll released today indicates Clinton has a 24 point lead over Trump among likely female voters, 58 percent to 34 percent.

Hillary Clinton Responds To Trump Attacks On “Deplorables” Comment

As often done in this campaign cycle, the Clinton campaign is countering Donald Trump’s attacks on Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment by using his own words against him.


Campaign Ad: “I Love War”

A new ad from the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA, pulls no punches in hitting Donald Trump over his views of war.

Once again using his own words, Trump’s pronouncements of “I love war” and “I know more about ISIS than the generals do,” are juxtaposed against images of war and destruction.

More from NBC News:

Like the Clinton campaign’s official ads, it takes a page from President Lyndon Johnson’s campaign against Barry Goldwater in 1964. Back then, the invocation of nuclear war to scare voters was considered so controversial that Johnson’s camp quickly pulled an ad featuring a mushroom cloud. But the ad, “Daisy,” generated so much discussion that it went on to be considered one of the most successful and famous political ads of all time.

Campaign Ad: “Sacrifice”

The latest campaign ad from Hillary Clinton yet again puts Donald Trump’s own words out front for the American voter to consider.

From The Hill:

The video, released Tuesday, shows veterans silently watching footage of the GOP presidential nominee making controversial remarks about the military.

“I know more about [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] than the generals do,” Trump says in one segment. In another, he mocks Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) time as a prisoner of war, sarcastically saying “he’s a war hero because he was captured,” before derisively adding, “I like people that weren’t captured, OK?”

Trump also answers a question about the sacrifices he’s made by bragging about his real estate buildings. A reporter responds: “You think those are sacrifices?”

I’m surprised the campaign didn’t include Trump’s now famous statement about “always wanting a purple heart” from a few months ago when a veteran handed Trump his own purple heart commendation. Trump added at the time, “This was much easier.”

Trump Campaign Spot Features New World Trade Center

Check out Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad – which will run in nine swing states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada – to the tune of $10 million.

While the 30 second clip depicts two different future “Americas” – one failing under Hillary Clinton, the other bright and shiny under the Trumpster – the folks over at Right Wing Watch noticed near the end of the spot the inclusion of the new 1 World Trade Center.

The tower’s inclusion in the ad is curious because Trump himself was a vocal opponent of the One World Trade Center project, claiming in 2005 that design of the tower let “the terrorists win.”

“I don’t want to have the terrorists win … and that’s what’s going to happen if we build this pile of junk,” he said.

Trump had proposed instead building a taller version of the Twin Towers, calling the design that was ultimately chosen “disgusting,” “just terrible,” “a catastrophe” and “the worst pile of crap architecture I have ever seen in my life.”

The spot also makes a point to include an African-American family next to the U.S. flag.

So subtle.

Campaign Ad: “Don’t Believe The Hat”

New campaign spot from Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump out for saying he wants to “make America great again,” but in real life outsourced his manufacturing to 12 countries including China, India, Mexico and Slovenia.

With shots of Trump wearing his campaign cap, the 30 second clip includes the tagline, “Don’t Believe The Hat.”