News Round-Up: May 21, 2021

Brody became fascinated with seeing himself on TV
Brody became fascinated with seeing himself on TV
The one and only Brody

Some news items you might have missed:

TheOUTfront: My pup Brody (above) is famous! The Brody-o makes an appearance in TOF’s post on the upcoming Broadway Barks event this Sunday! #AdoptDontShop #RescueDogs

Pink News: Andy Cohen says there have been ‘talks’ about a gay Real Housewives franchise for Bravo.

Right Wing Watch: Right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack recently announced that homosexuality is “three times worse than smoking.” In his view, gays should have a label across their forehead, ‘This can be hazardous to your health.’ #Assholery #homophobes

LGBTQ Nation: Out Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg reversed a Trump administration policy this week, allowing for more federal dollars spent on public works projects to go to minority and disadvantaged workers. “As we invest in world-class infrastructure for Americans, we want to make sure that our investments create jobs for people in the communities where the projects are located.”

The Daily Beast: Former New York City police officer and current Queens GOP district leader Philip Grillo admitted to the FBI that he breached the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection pro-Trump—but said he “was drunk at the time.” The FBI says he was turned in by two childhood friends.

JoeMyGod: The hate group that hired accused sexual molester Josh Duggar now wants Lego cancelled for celebrating Pride Month with its first rainbow Lego set. “The Left is tearing down mainstream values — brick by brick! Lego, the latest company to pander to the woke, just decided to test the waters with a rainbow set of “LGBTQIA+” figures.”

Andy Cohen & GLAAD Call For End To Gay Blood Ban

Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Next Live’

This morning, Good Morning America ran an in-depth piece about Lukus Estok, a young gay man who had recovered from COVID-19, but was turned away from donating his plasma at the New York Blood Center because he is gay.

In a new statement to Good Morning America, an FDA spokesperson stated that “the FDA is committed to considering alternatives to the time-based deferral for men who have sex with men by generating the scientific evidence that will support an effective individual risk assessment-based blood donor questionnaire.”

The FDA also revealed to Good Morning America that it is “working to commence a pilot study that will enroll about 2000 men who have sex with men and who would be willing to donate blood.”

“The FDA is placing American lives on the line as they debate stigma, not science,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “During the current crisis, the FDA is wasting time and money on a pilot study when all the scientific research and medical authorities plainly state that gay and bi man should not be restricted from donating blood.”

“All blood donations, regardless of sexual orientation, are screened to ensure healthy samples and now the American Medical Association, leading elected officials, and more than 600 medical professionals have all done the work for the FDA and unequivocally state that this ban needs to end,” added Ellis.

On his Thursday evening broadcast of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen revealed he was denied from giving plasma after surviving COVID-19.

He called out the FDA’s restrictions for being based on “stigma rather than science,” which is ultimately impeding on the urgent need for blood donations from Americans, as well as plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors.

Watch Andy Cohen’s impassioned speech here.

GLAAD thanked Andy on Twitter for speaking out against the ban:

Earlier this week, attorney generals from 19 states and D.C. issued a letter to the Assistant Health Secretary, requesting that the FDA further loosen its ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men.

(via press release)