Andy Cohen Talks Monkeypox + More News

Andy Cohen gets serious about monkeypox
Andy Cohen gets serious about monkeypox (screen capture)

Some news items you might have missed:

Instagram: Andy Cohen took a moment on his late night show Watch What Happens Live to get serious about the monkeypox outbreak. Btw, cases in the U.S. seem to be doubling every 7 days.

LGBTQ Nation: Marriage equality legend Jim Obergefell won his primary for Ohio’s state House District 89 in a special election.

The Advocate: Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine chats with John Casey about meditating during the pandemic in the New Mexico mountains, life with the Rat Pack, sexual identity, and more.

Instinct Magazine: Imagine having a falling out with your dad when you came out as gay, only to find him on Grindr years later?

Edge Media: Brandon Straka, a former hairstylist who became a MAGA influencer by creating the “Walk Away” campaign, reportedly threw his fellow MAGAts under the bus by providing federal authorities with “significant information” about Jan. 6 rioters.

Out: HBO Max’s queer-inclusive Batgirl movie, which cost over $100 million to make, has been canceled with no plans for release anywhere.