Out Music: Kisos ‘He Didn’t Want Me’

Out singer/songwriter Kisos releases new single 'He Didn't Want Me'
Kisos in ‘He Didn’t Want Me’

Out singer/songwriter Kisos drops his new music video, the guitar-driven ‘He Didn’t Want Me.’

For Kisos, the video is as much cinema as it is real life – a rebirth after a difficult few years dealing with heartbreak, self-hatred, and loneliness. In an ethereal ritual of communal love, Kisos transforms physically and spiritually right before our eyes in order to truly come to the acceptance the song is about.

“‘He Didn’t Want Me’ is about the acceptance stage of grief, and because it’s lyrically so depressing, I wanted to balance that with an uplifting, ethereal ritual of rebirth,” says Kisos. “It was important for me to also honor the symbolic hands of friends and family who cared for me at my lowest points. People who helped me shed my self-hatred, allow love and beauty back in, and re-internalize that I am worthy.”

Cinematographer Adam Ouellette and Kisos filmed 100% by candlelight, staying up all night for the sunrise scenes that close the metamorphosis out.

The music video is the final release from his sophomore EP, sweet nothings, where each song corresponds to a different stage of grief.

Atwood Magazine described Kisos’s work as “suave pop that comes to life…in a dizzying array of musical color.”

And Billboard calls the new music video “another beautiful layer to the star’s already heart-rending song.”

The single is available on all digital download sites now. Check out the new music video below.