News Round-Up: June 25, 2020

Bremen Menelli (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Fitness guru Bremen Menelli (above) got his pump on (for a change). #woof

The Advocate: How gay fashion designer Christian Siriano became an ‘accidental activist.’ From being a Stonewall Day Ambassador to producing over 150K face masks for health care workers in NY, Siriano has shown up.

New Music: Dropping the ‘Dixie,’ newly-renamed The Chicks released this powerful new music video and song, “March March.” Featuring visuals that include climate change, LGBTQ issues, Black Lives Matter, and more, the video begins with the quote, “If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.”

Fox News: Former Vice President Joe Biden tops Donald Trump by 9 points, 49-40 percent, in a Fox News survey of Florida registered voters. That’s up from a 3-point edge in April. If Trump loses Florida and any other state he won in 2016, that’s the whole ballgame.

Today: A surprise birthday party last month (which had 25 attendees) has ended up with 18 members of a Texas family being diagnosed with COVID-19, including a couple in their 80s and a cancer patient. Texas health officials reported a record 4,389 hospitalizations and 5,551 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

Gallup Polling: More Americans (70%) say marijuana is more ‘morally acceptable’ than same-sex relationships (66%). The difference is mainly among – surprise – conservatives who approve of marijuana by 51% but only 43% give a thumbs up to gay/lesbian relationships.

Instagram: Do I really have to add anything here…?

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