Michael Henry Explores Gay Mens’ Mood On Foreskin

Michael Henry explores gay mens' perspectives on circumcised versus uncircumcised penis
L-R Clint Keller, Michael Henry, Adrian Anchondo (screen caps)

Funny/smart guy Michael Henry and friends pull back the curtain on a subject that seems to always draw strong opinions in the gay world – men who are circumcised versus uncircumcised.

Michael is hanging out at the park getting a lesson from Clint and Adrian about the importance of moisturizing elbows and knees, although Henry doesn’t really get how elbows get in the game (“I understand knees, but why elbows – I’m never on my elbows…”).

Mathew drops by and immediately assumes the discussion about skin is, of course, about foreskin. Lines are immediately drawn in the sand on the topic with Michael being a big fan of foreskin, but Clint and Adrian are a hard pass.

Fortunately, Mathew (who has a degree in circumcision from Yale U?) is here with all kinds of factoids from the forefront of foreskin.

Clint offers that he thinks it’s “unnatural to be uncircumcised,” leading Mathew to inform him, “It’s literally the opposite.”

Do gay men prefer or say no to uncircumcised penis?
Mathew Francis (screen cap)

The discussion moves into several pros and cons of having or not having foreskin including hygiene, sensitivity issues, and appearances.

Along the way, Michael drops the statistic that “76 to 92 percent of American boys are circumcised versus 20 percent elsewhere.” He then declares, “Circumcision is genital mutilation!” 

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It’s a terrific, lighthearted, (somewhat) non-judgmental chat on the topic. And the comments on the YouTube page followed suit with many underscoring how the vast minority of men in the world (outside of the U.S.) remain intact.

Many commenters felt American men may have a preference for UC peen because it’s just what they know. Most of those who have their foreskin were happy they do.

Like all of Michael Henry’s short films, he starts a discussion (with humor) that really would only every happen out in the open in a gay setting. 

What do you think readers? Do you have a preference or opinion when it comes to cut vs uncut peen? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.