Melania Trolled For Lackluster Renovation Of WH Rose Garden

Melania Trolled For Lackluster Renovation Of WH Rose Garden
(images via the official Twitter account of the First Lady)

First Lady Melania Trump proudly tweeted photos of the White House Rose Garden today.

From NBC News:

The White House Rose Garden has been spruced up in time for its moment in the campaign spotlight. First lady Melania Trump will deliver her Republican National Convention speech Tuesday night from the garden, famous for its close proximity to the Oval Office.

The three weeks of work on the garden, which was done in the spirit of its original 1962 design, were showcased to reporters on Saturday. White House officials said the renovations were paid for by private donations. They declined to reveal the cost of the work.

The location of the first lady’s speech will be just one of the ways that the Republican National Convention will break with political norms.

Many folks on Twitter were aghast that the First Lady ripped out all of the color and 12 mature crabapple trees that were planted by First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

I’m not one to attack presidential spouses, but the results are less than “better.”

In addition to the first lady’s convention speech, Donald Trump will deliver his address Thursday night from the White House’s South Lawn, where a stage was being constructed over the weekend.

Federal rules prohibit the White House from being the setting for expressly political events, but when did Trump ever care about “rules?”

NBC News reports that the trees that were removed will, thankfully, be replanted elsewhere.