Lawyer: Oath Keepers Planning Was Just “Their Fanciful Idea”

Jon Moseley, attorney for Stewart Rhodes – who was charged with seditious conspiracy yesterday for his alleged role in the violent January 6 invasion of the Capitol building – tried to explain his client’s planning as a “fanciful idea.”

Moseley tried to brush the many communications by the Oath Keepers as their “fanciful idea that … Trump was going to activate them as a militia under the insurrection act.”

Because everybody knows you can avoid a conspiracy conviction by blaming it on a “fanciful idea” when the goal of the conspiracy doesn’t come to fruition.

One of the communications from Rhodes included in the federal indictment was this direct: “We will have to do a bloody, massively bloody revolution against them. That’s what’s going to have to happen.”

Moseley defends those statements saying his client what was just “responding” to the conspiracy theory some Trump supporters kept touting the 2020 election as having been “stolen.”

Brianna Keilar responds, “Responding to an imaginary thing is not a defense.”