Indiana Doctor Did Report 10-Year-Old’s Rape As Required

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita looked foolish after accusing a doctor of not reporting an abortion performed on a 10-year-old girl from Ohio. Then the report showed up.
Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R)

After news reports of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio being raped and having to travel to Indiana to obtain an abortion went viral, anti-abortion conservatives tried to throw cold water on the story expressing skepticism that the story was true.

When officials in Ohio announced they’d arrested and charged the suspect, the Attorney General of Indiana, Todd Rokita (R), decided to smear the physician who treated the child declaring she hadn’t properly reported the case to officials in Indiana within the required three-day window after the procedure.

Now, of course, the required report byDr. Caitlin Bernard, has surfaced.

From CNN:

An Indiana doctor who said she recently helped a 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio get an abortion in her state reported the procedure to Indiana health officials within a required timeframe, documents show, as the state’s Republican attorney general has said authorities are investigating the Ob-Gyn for potential failure to report the abortion and child abuse.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, of Indianapolis, reported the abortion procedure to the Indiana Department of Health on July 2 — two days after it was performed — as required by the department, documents CNN obtained from the agency show.

It’s almost as if conservative officials were mad they couldn’t stop the legal abortion for the 10-year-old, so they decided to exact some kind of revenge on Dr. Bernard.

The thing is – Bernard is an experienced, veteran physician who knows the legal reporting requirements. It makes no sense that she would have gone public with such a case without going through proper reporting, does it?

More from Politico:

Other medical workers in the state and progressive legal advocates told POLITICO they don’t believe Bernard broke any laws and say Rokita’s actions are designed to scare providers and deter them from offering abortions even in circumstances where it’s legal to do so.

“Certainly, it’s an intimidation tactic,” said Fabiola Carrión, the director of reproductive and sexual health at the National Health Law Program. “It’s currently legal in Indiana to offer abortions up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. And even if it wasn’t, this is a life-endangerment situation. A 10-year-old with a still-developing body isn’t capable of delivering a baby.”

This is all high profile stuff after the U.S. Supreme court reversed its long-standing Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion rights last month.