George Turner On New TV Series ‘Peckham Mix’ + More News

George Turner On New TV Series ‘Peckham Mix’ + More News
George Turner (photo credit: Yellowbelly)

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine:  Out British actor and fashion model George Turner chats with my colleague Denny Patterson about his new gay TV series, Peckham Mix.

Washington Post: Vaccine politics may be to blame for a higher rate of excess deaths among registered Republicans in Ohio and Florida during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study.

LBC: A Portuguese man says he was arrested and jailed in Turkey for 20 days because he “looked gay.”

LGBTQ Nation: Far-right homophobe Ben Shapiro became so unhinged about the Barbie movie he recorded a 45-minute YouTube review that included his throwing Ken and Barbie dolls into a trash can and setting them on fire. #triggered

New York Times: Peter Stager, a truck driver who assaulted a police officer with a flagpole at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, has been sentenced on Monday to 52 months in federal prison. #FuckedAroundFoundOut

The Advocate: As the band The 1975 was performing at the Good Vibes Festival in Kuala Lumpur, lead singer Matty Healy gave a profanity-filled speech about Malaysia’s anti-LGBTQ laws, and kissed his male bandmate. Then, the government cancelled the rest of the Festival.