Official Trailer For ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2

Kit Connor, Joe Locke in Heartstopper Season 2
Kit Connor, Joe Locke in Heartstopper (image via Netflix)

Netflix released the official trailer for Season 2 of its acclaimed coming-of-age series Heartstopper in advance of its upcoming August 3 premiere.

Clearly one of the season’s big plot lines will be Nick’s struggle with coming out. “I want to tell people,” he tell Charlie. “It’s hard to find the right time.”

In another moment, he laments, “Why is being out so complicated?”

As anyone who’s ever dealt with coming out knows, once you’ve come to grips with who you are yourself, the next step is deciding how to open up that news to your friends and family.

Fortunately, Charlie is right there for Nick: “I want you to come out when and how you want to.”

Yasmine Finney in Heartstopper Season 2
Yasmine Finney (image via Netflix)

The trailer also makes it clear that the supporting characters will get more exploration this season. Tara and Darcy explore the impact of saying “I love you,” and Tao and Elle flirt into possible romance.

And much of this is set against the backdrop of a school trip to Paris – the city of love.

Netflix had previously revealed just a short teaser video sharing the first minutes of the new season.

Hit the play button below and look for Season 2 of Heartstopper to premiere August 3 on Netflix.