Garrett Magee, Bear Soup + More InstaHunks

Garrett Magee of Bravo's Backyard Envy
Garrett Magee (via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this holiday weekend because eye-candy is good for the soul. Starting with Garrett Magee of Bravo’s Backyard Envy, who finally feels like summer.

THAI played with his favorite pooch in the park:

Actor/singer Yasser Marta was heating up the Philippines:

Dan Tai says he’s a “weirdo” – which is totally fine by me:

Davey Wavey had a little cos-play in mind:

Austin_in_Austin showed just how hot an ice blue Speedo can be:

Garic Soldatov has a disco ball and he’s not afraid to use it:

Peanut the squirrel celebrated all the things his ‘hooman’ does for him:

Hunter Harden was feeling his authentic leather self:

Grant in Wisconsin (left in pic) was all up in some ‘bear soup’…

…while Curtis Hamilton was off chasing waterfalls:

Austin Wolf is ready to “evolve”…

Artist Okkar Min Maung went looking for cookies Castro-style:

VikingMuscleBear served up furry, bald, ginger goodness:

Chris Cragg painted the town red:

Luis Vieira found a big, furry, dance partner:

Jaymes Vaughan says husband Jonathan Bennett captions Insta-posts like a 20-year-old in 2013…LOL

Bruno Baba did the ‘before/after pandemic’ thing. For the record, I like both versions of Bruno: