Markus Kage – 5 Things I Learned Doing Gay-For-Pay Films

Markus Kage shares 5 things he learned doing gay-for-pay films
Markus Kage (screen capture)

Markus Kage sat down with YouTube vlogger Davey Davey to share 5 things he learned doing gay-for-pay adult films.

Kage was pretty forthcoming about what take-aways he had as a straight-identifying man doing gay-for-pay scenes:

• First was learning to have better control over fears he might experience. So now, when he tries something new, he doesn’t freak out in the moment. Kage says instead of leaning into scary-territory, he asks himself what it is that might make him uncomfortable. That way he can process the thoughts and move ahead with having fun.

• “Versatility is key when it comes to sex,” says the adult performer. And by that, he means he’s learned to unwind his old mindset needing to be a dominant alpha-male all the time.

Markus Kage chats with Davey Wavey about what he learned doing gay-for-pay adult films
L-R Davey Wavey, Markus Kage

• That led to a discussion about whether tops or bottoms work harder when it comes to sex. Kage initially believed being on the bottom bunk was easier. But when it comes to getting ready to shoot a scene that might go on for hours, he acknowledged there’s definitely more ‘prep work’ involved for the receptive partner.

• When he’s ‘in the moment’ of having sex, Kage looks for that ‘something’ about his partners that turns him on and makes the experience better. He also notes that being textbook ‘hot’ doesn’t always equate into being a great sex partner.

• Leaning into the intimate aspect of sex, being more connected with his partners has not only made the act of sex better but helped him grow into being a better person.

I know the gay-for-pay thing can rub some folks the wrong way (bisexual, whatever…), but Kage has a charming way about him in the short video. And I won’t deny he’s pretty easy on the eyes. Plus, he clearly put some thought into what he’s saying here.

Hit the play button below (language NSFW) and you’ll see what I mean.

Podcast: YouTube Star Davey Wavey “Porn Doesn’t Teach You How To Have Good Sex”

YouTube superstar Davey Wavey launches new website to help gay men learn better sex
Davey Wavey

It’s no surprise that the most obvious trait that sets gay men apart from the rest of the world is the fact that we have sex with men.

But in truth, few of us ever had someone explain or teach us about gay sexuality.

In today’s Randy Report podcast, I chat with popular sex-positive YouTube vlogger and gay sexuality authority Davey Wavey.

With over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel and over 400 million views of his videos, Davey Wavey has spent years covering LGBT topics relating to sex, relationships, coming out, dating, boys, and just about anything having to do with homosexuality.

Davey chats about his latest endeavor – new website – which he describes as “an erotic playground for men who have sex with men to enhance their experience of sex and sexuality.”

“Porn is designed to get you off,” Wavey says. “It’s not designed to teach you about pleasure or connection or intimacy. Porn doesn’t teach you how to have good sex. What we do in the bedroom is often a reflection of what we watch on the computer screen. It’s my hope that by serving a different flavor of gay erotica, we can encourage gay men to shift their approach.”

You can follow Davey Wavey on YouTube at

And you can check out his new site here –

Hit the play button above to listen to my chat with Davey Wavey.

Davey Wavey: Things NOT To Ask To Someone In An Open Relationship

Davey Wavey shares his thoughts on the concept of open relationships based on the fact that he, himself, is in one.

Covering a range of questions, the short video is basically a primer in “what not to ask people in an open relationship.”

I personally don’t have a problem with the idea as long as the two adults in the relationship are clear and honest about the parameters and communication stays open.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.