InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Checking in on Bruno Baba and more InstaHunks this week
Checking in on Bruno Baba and more InstaHunks this week
(screen capture via Baba_Bruno)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week…

First up, Bruno Baba took our breath away remembering one of his favorite songs:

Max Emerson played with his ball in The Woods:

Garrett Magee enjoyed a summer shower in the pool:

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald found some magic at the bottom of a waterfall:

Personal coach Carson Tueller shared some thoughts (and a selfie) on his relationship with his body:

Fabrício Ternes began a new love story with his new beagle, Boris:

Ruben Rod and Alex Tikas sent greetings from a ‘naughty-cal’ themed party during Bear Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

HawaiiMuscleBear couldn’t resist his New York City hotel room mirror. Ace, Ace, baby…

Jason Carter tuned out the noise:

Fashion designer Daniel Sheehan tried on some new shirts:

Colin O’Leary was COMMITTED to his “Vogue” tribute (catch that fan, Colin!)

Wes Dupee got down and dirty encouraging young things to grow:

InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Checking in with the Hunks of Instagram this fine holiday weekend.

First up, international pop star Ricky Martin (above) spent some of his weekend with his adorbs French bulldog who joined the family last fall:

Heading into a 6-day work week, Curtis Fitzgerald took time off for #SundayFunday with a shoutout to the hard workers:

Army Nurse Blaize Preston got our attention when he got popping on the Gram:

Rich Burns took a trip to Palm Springs with his pooch, Archie.

Johnny Middlebrooks feels like things are getting “normal-ish again.”

Joel Green had some words for those who judge. Trust and believe, we are NOT judging this pic:

Dr. Marco shared a dramatization based on a real-life encounter as a doctor:

Fitness model Bruno Baba has been playfully poking fun at his pandemic weight gain. Now he’s asking if he should “get even bigger?”

Boy Butter celebrated its 18th anniversary of fighting friction:

NYCGayDad was feeling down from 60 days of laundry, cooking, and cleaning – until the Guncles showed up:

Max Souza threw it back to his time in Bahia because “I’m already missing you!”

Facundo Rodriguez got his Crunch Fitness on…

Yes, Tyler James is serving up some serious ‘jorts’ (jean shorts) in the California desert because he’s “wild like that.”

Bonus: After my recent Brian Sims/crop top post, I was inspired to look for some Insta-bears in crop tops and…success!