Video: Gay Missouri Lawmaker Confronts “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Author

Missouri state Rep. Phil Christofanelli
Missouri state Rep. Phil Christofanelli (image via official Facebook)

Missouri state Rep. Ann Kelley (R) introduced a bill last month that would ban teaching sexual orientation or gender identity in public schools through 12th grade.

But when she was asked by a Republican colleague, Rep. Phil Christofanelli (who happens to be gay), if the law would prohibit teaching about heterosexuality, it became clear that Kelley’s intention is only to ban certain sexual orientations from being mentioned in classrooms.

From HuffPost:

“I’m just going to read you the language in your bill,” Christofanelli said, pointing to a section that stated no classroom instruction “relating to sexual orientation or gender identity shall occur.”

“You mentioned George Washington. Who is Martha Washington?” Christofanelli asked. “His wife,” Kelley answered.

“Under your bill, how could you mention that in a classroom?” Christofanelli continued. Kelley replied, “To me, that’s not sexual orientation.”

“So it’s only really certain sexual orientations that you want prohibited from introduction in the classroom,” Christofanelli shot back.

You can watch video of the exchange below, and read the full article here.