Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Happy Valentine's Day from me and hubby Michael Caprio
Michael and I (photo: John Ganun)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023! I originally posted this 12 years ago, in 2011, the first year of The Randy Report.

Obviously, every February 14th my mind focuses on MY Valentine, Michael.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been together 28 Valentine’s Days. Before we met, it looked like V Day was always going to be something for me to sing sad songs about.

Music is such a part of my life that I relate it to everything.

When people ask about the day Michael and I met, I explain that it was exactly as Oscar Hammerstein II wrote:

Elle”Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger; you may see a stranger across a crowded room; and somehow you know, you know even then, that somewhere you’ll see him again and again.”

I know, it sounds oh so cheesy, but it was that black and white. It’s just the best way to explain how I knew. There are days I can’t believe he’s in love with me. Still.

One of my favorite performances of “Some Enchanted Evening” – from Broadway’s awesome Eden Espinosa.

Not that we have this flawless romance. On days we disagree, I just remind him I’m his favorite 🙂

Interestingly, when we got married, we didn’t really have a song for the day because we were just so amazed that we even had the right to get married.

Probably the only big event in my life that doesn’t relate to a song. It was just all about Michael and me.

It goes without saying that all day long today I’ll be playing various iterations of “My Funny Valentine.” It’s such a great tune, and so many awesome artists have brought it to life.

Barbra Streisand’s version is still my favorite. A bit of drama in the beginning, and then that thrilling climax.

And then there’s Ella Fitzgerald’s version – sublime.

I recommend you get all of them, sit back and enjoy.

I think I relate Valentine’s Day and romance to music because music has rhythm, hills & valleys, and texture; a lot like time-tested love does.

A lot like Michael and I do. Even when we’re not in the same place, we’re on the same page.

Michael is my valentine; he’s the music that makes me dance. I hope you all dance the way we do. (that’s a euphemism, folks…)

I encourage everyone to pour a glass of wine, light some candles, turn out the lights, listen to some great music and enjoy.

Whether alone or with your honey, it’s a good day to remember to love someone. Someone else, or even if that someone is yourself. That might even be the best place to start.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.