Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

Michael Caprio and I
Happy Valentine's Day from me and hubby Michael Caprio
Michael and I (photo: John Ganun)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I originally posted this ten years ago, in 2011, the first year of The Randy Report.

Hot hubby Michael and I have been together for more than 26 years now.

More wine…

With today being Valentine’s Day, obviously, my mind wanders to MY Valentine, Michael. That’s him, up above.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been together 26 Valentine’s Days. Before we met, it looked like V Day was always going to be something to sing sad songs about.

Music is such a part of my life that I relate it to everything.

When people ask about the day Michael and I met, I explain that it was exactly as Oscar Hammerstein II wrote: “Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger; you may see a stranger across a crowded room; and somehow you know, you know even then, that somewhere you’ll see him again and again.”

I know, it sounds oh so cheesy, but it was that black and white. It’s just the best way to explain how I knew. There are days I can’t believe he’s in love with me.  Still.

Not that we have this flawless romance.

On days we disagree, I simply remind him I’m his favorite 🙂

Interestingly, when we got married, we didn’t really have a song for the day because we were just so amazed that we were given the right to get married.

Probably the only big event in my life that doesn’t relate to a song. Just Michael.

It goes without saying that all day long today I’ll be playing various iterations of “My Funny Valentine.” It’s such a great tune, and so many awesome artists have brought it to life.

Barbra Streisand’s version is still my favorite. A bit of drama in the beginning, and then that thrilling climax.


And then there’s Ella Fitzgerald’s version – sublime.

I recommend you get all of them, sit back and enjoy.

I think I relate Valentine’s Day and romance to music because music has rhythm, hills & valleys and texture; a lot like time-tested love does.

A lot like Michael and I do.

Michael is my valentine; he’s the music that makes me dance. I hope you all dance the way we do. (that’s a euphemism, kids…)

I encourage everyone to pour a glass of wine, light some candles, turn out the lights, listen to some great music and enjoy.

Whether alone or with your honey, it’s a good day to remember to love someone. Someone else, or even if that someone is yourself. That might even be the best place to start.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Olivia Newton-John Sings “Valentine” With Jim Brickman

Olivia Newton-John sings Jim Brickman's hit song "Valentine"
Olivia Newton-John sings Jim Brickman's hit song "Valentine"
Olivia Newton-John sings Jim Brickman’s hit song “Valentine”

Back in 2000, my hubby, Michael was repping both pop-crossover pianist Jim Brickman and international pop star Olivia Newton-John.

When Jim started making plans for his TV special, My Romance: An Evening with Jim Brickman, Michael suggested Olivia would be a great guest. Jim flipped over the idea.

Michael introduced the two, and musical magic was made.

Not only did Olivia perform this gorgeous take on Jim’s hit song “Valentine” but they liked working with each other so much they wrote a song (“Change of Heart”) which Olivia also sang on the special.

Country artist Martina McBride originally recorded ‘Valentine’ with Jim, but watching this video it’s hard to imagine the song wasn’t written for Olivia’s special gifts.  Jim calls this one of his favorite performances of the #1 hit song.

Enjoy the clip below as Olivia Newton-John sings “Valentine.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! I’m off to spend some time with hot hubby Michael 🙂


Michael Henry Wonders On His ‘Oneness’ This Valentine’s Day

YouTube star Michael Henry
YouTube star Michael Henry
Michael Henry wonders on his ‘oneness’ this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know many folks may be making plans with their special ‘someone,’ but for others it can be an annual reminder that a ‘love connection’ hasn’t happened just yet.

Funnyman Michael Henry was all set to shoot a hilarious “Quarantine Cruising” video skit with his buddy Terry (played by drag queen Meatball) but Henry is in a pensive mood

“I just want to know why I’m nobody’s Valentine?” wonders Henry aloud with a quivering lip.

With perhaps slightly less tenderness than Henry was expecting, Terry responds, “Oh my god, it’s just a silly holiday, you stupid b*tch!”

Henry goes on to share that he’s never actually had a Valentine: “Never had a boyfriend, never been in love.”

It seems our hero has friends who fall in love “so easily,” so he’s been pondering, “What’s wrong with me???”

Drag queen Meatball
Meatball brings some dating realness to the conversation

Henry reveals that his oneness isn’t for lack of trying: “I’ve dated, I’ve played games, I’ve had games played on me…I like guys so much that I’m crushed and heartsick when they don’t like me back.”

Cue Terry with some more stone cold advice deduced from his own romantic history (which apparently includes a boyfriend stealing his passport, but, another story…) which ultimately concludes with, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

While it seems sad, Terry does manage to slip in some of those ‘quarantine cruising’ jokes in including a truer-than-true Florida joke and something about an unfortunate glory hole mishap.

As usual, Henry delivers a spot-on snapshot of what many in LGBTQ culture might feel around this time of year without being preachy or heavy-handed.

If it’s any comfort, though, I can admit I went through all of Henry’s dating woes well into my 30s before the universe sent me hot hubby Michael. I always consider those misfires lessons in learning to appreciate hubbs when he finally arrived.

Hit play for a well-deserved mid-day brain break. Happy Friday!

Happy Valentine’s Day From Artist Silverjow

I just love Instagram artist Silverjow’s illustrations. There’s whimsy, character, attitude and relationship in all he does.

These two characters say so much in each design.

And here’s Silverjow’s 2018 Valentine’s Day illustration…

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Serves Up Completely Sweet Valentine’s Day Treat

Ben Levi Ross & Taylor Trensch of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’

For Valentine’s Day, the creators of the Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen, offer this special rendition of the song “Only Us” from the hit show.

The blockbuster musical chronicles the journey of a socially-awkward high school student (Evan Hansen) who has trouble making friends.

In a twist of fate, the facts of a teen suicide get accidentally mixed up and he suddenly finds himself something of a hero, popular and spending time with his longtime crush. Except, it’s all based on an innocent falsehood that snowballs out of Evan’s control.

Evan eventually faces having to give up his newfound social status or live a lie.

At the 71st Tony Awards, Dear Evan Hansen took home six statues including Best Musical, and made a bona-fide star of its Tony Award-winning leading man, Ben Platt.

Ben Levi Ross of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’

While not a gay story, it’s certainly a theme LGBTs have gravitated to in terms of the character’s yearning for acceptance.

In the stage musical, “Only Us” is sung between Evan and his crush, Zoe.

In this Valentine’s Day version, we have two ‘Evan Hansens’ singing to each other. Taylor Trensch, who played the title role on Broadway, and the national tour ‘Evan,’ Ben Levi Ross.

For just a bit more Valentine’s Day charm, the duo are a real life couple 🙂

For this video, the musical’s Tony and Grammy Award-winning orchestrator, Alex Lacamoire, debuts a new arrangement of the song, and features pianist Austin Cook, guitarist Matt Sangiovanni, bassist Matt Rubano, and violinist Mona Tian.

Sung by the two young men, the song shimmers in fresh and hopeful shades of gay.

I never thought there’d be someone like you who would want me
So I give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go
But if you really see me
If you like me for me and nothing else
Well, that’s all that I’ve wanted for longer that you could possibly know
So it can be us
It can be us
And only us
And what came before won’t count anymore or matter
We can try that

In fact, with two actors who played the same role, it could almost be interpreted as an ode of self-love.

And on Valentine’s Day, all love is celebrated – whether boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or even the person in the mirror.

Most of the time, I’m sharing some of the darker LGBTQ news of the day here.

It’s nice to share something totally smile-worthy.

Dear Evan Hansen is still running strong in New York City, London and across the U.S. with its national touring company. Click here for more information about the show.

Out Music: Tom Goss “More Than Temporary”

Randy Report favorite Tom Goss shares this uber-romantical music video just in time for Valentine’s Day – “More Than Temporary” from his album, What Doesn’t Break.

In telling the story of blossoming young love, Tom spotlights senior LGBT couples as guiding inspiration.

From Tom: “If you let it, love will blossom. Look to these LGBT seniors for inspiration. Their example will light the way.”

“I’m grateful to those that have come before me. They have paved the way for the rights and privileges that I take for granted,” he told The Huffington Post. “Hopefully this video can highlight the beauty and inspiration of LGBTQ seniors, and in turn, give an example to those that are hesitant to dive into love.”

The video was directed by Christopher Turner, who makes a cameo appearance with his other half, author Armistead Maupin, well-known for his Tales of the City series of novels.

Click here for past posts where I’ve featured Tom’s music on The Randy Report.