Tony Perkins: The Media Is Lying About Mississippi’s Hate Law

Virulently anti-gay Tony Perkins sent out an email today claiming Mississippi’s new anti-LGBT law has nothing to do with businesses turning people away.

Someone should remind Perkins that lying is regarded as a sin in the Bible he claims to love so much.

The media writes, but does it read? Too few seem to, based on the coverage of Mississippi’s new religious liberty law. After Governor Phil Bryant (R-Miss.) signed a bill that essentially reaffirmed the First Amendment, headlines across the country screamed that Mississippi had just given Americans a “license to discriminate.” “Mississippi governor signs law allowing businesses to deny service to gay people,” some read — regardless of the fact that the measure does no such thing!

Governor Bryant, like the 20 states with religious liberty laws before him, didn’t create a new “religious right” for businesses to turn people away. No believer I know would want that, let alone lobby for it. Despite what the Left would have you think, this debate isn’t about Christians discriminating against anyone — it’s about stopping the government from discriminating against them!

All that Mississippi leaders have done is make sure that the state can’t punish, fine, fire, or block someone from a government work for believing in natural marriage. The Left lies about what the bill does because they know if people knew the truth, they’d probably support it! And a level playing field — the same one they used to demand for their own values — is not what they want for men and women of faith. Forced acceptance is.

Ok, so let me set this straight: government doesn’t punish folks for “believing in natural marriage.” Government gets involved when these business owners “belief” becomes a misguided justification for denying protected minorities goods and services.

You know, those pesky public accommodation laws that require private businesses to treat everyone fairly.

But then, what do you expect from a guy who bought a mailing list from the KKK when he ran for office because he knew those were the kind of folks he wanted to reach?