New Music ‘Through The Storm’ + More News

Through The Storm is the new ballad from Sudi 'Rick' Karatas, a musical tribute to whoever or however we find the strength to overcome personal challenges.
Sudi ‘Rick’ Karatas (screen capture)

New Music: “Through The Storm,” written and sung by Sudi ‘Rick’ Karatas, is a musical tribute to whoever or however we find strength to make it through personal challenges. The uplifting lyrics and Rick’s clear, earnest vocals make for a welcome respite from the chaos of the times. I covered Rick’s 2018 book release, Rainbow Relatives, here.

Pink News: A gay man who moved to Manchester, England, for its “inclusiveness” was left for dead in a vicious assault. Morgan Fevre, 22, suffered a bleed on the brain, three broken teeth and multiple breaks to his nose, cheekbone and eye socket after the 10 April attack.

JoeMyGod: As Joe notes, this campaign ad for a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia really does seem like an SNL skit.

Axios: The Biden administration will announce plans this week to make Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill, Paxlovid, available at almost any pharmacy in the U.S. after early shortages. The drug treats infections at home and keep individuals at risk of severe illness out of the hospital.

TikTok: This clip of a rugby player throwing down to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” has rightfully gone viral.

@jefferson.sacramento When its game day #nz #rugby #superugby #blues #fyp #singleladies #beyonce ♬ Single Ladies – Beyoncé

New York Times: The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that Trevor Jacob, a daredevil YouTuber, posted a video of himself last year parachuting out of a plane that he claimed had malfunctioned for clicks. The plane crashed into the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California.

Just Because: I just discovered model Dmitry Averyanov, and dang – what a face!