The Heat Is On + More InstaHunks

The Heat Is On + More InstaHunks
Jim Newman (via Instagram)

Checking in to see what the Hunks of Insta were up to this week beginning with Jim Newman (star of Daddyhunt the Serial), who brought the fire to Fire Island.

I don’t even need music to watch Wanderson Faustino dance:

Ronnie Woo really likes breakfast:

Sterling Walker walked it out:

Stace Houk and Laurence Noonan got their nature on at Grand Teton National Park:

Jordan Torres was chilling down in Turks and Caicos:

Matteo DiCecco took his bestie Rio to the beach:

Max Emerson is just happy to be homo.

Not sure what’s going on here, but I am curious as to where the on/off switch is on that lamp:

Bruno Baba is totally cuddle-able and has the t-shirt to prove it:

Nyle DiMarco is loving Italy:

Gay Uncle Mario served up this queer combo of memes:

Now those are some thicc thighs. (I love the little blond boy’s reaction – that would be me).