Emmanuel The Emu Hits The Bigtime + More News

Emmanuel The Emu Hits The Bigtime + More News
Emmanuel the Emu – internet superstar (screen capture)

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: Out and proud lesbian farmer Taylor Blake started creating content for Knuckle Bump Farm in January, but it wasn’t until Emmanuel the emu took the screen that the TikTok page blew up. Now, Knuckle Bump Farms is pretty much an Emmanuel stan page.

ABC News: Draped in rainbow flags and touting signs, around 150,000 people marched for LGBTQ rights Saturday at Berlin’s annual Christopher Street Day celebration, celebrating this year’s parade theme “United in Love.”

ABC7 Chicago: A man has been arrested after UpRising Bakery was vandalized and its family-friendly drag show, set for Saturday, was canceled. The perpetrator broke the business’ windows and spray-painted slurs on its walls overnight Saturday.

NBC News: There are 1.7 million courses of an anti-viral drug in the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile called TPOXX to combat monkeypox. But the drug is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat monkeypox as it is by regulators in the UK and the European Union; the drug is approved only for smallpox in the U.S.

Facebook: David Bernard — meteorologist for WVUE-TV news station in New Orleans — received an email which read, in part, “Nice job Predicting weather fa**t.” The homophobic slur was misspelled. Instead of deleting the email or ignoring it, Bernard posted it on his Facebook wall and wrote, “I received a disturbing email yesterday from a person who was upset about the forecast. After 30 years I can stand and accept the criticism when I get it wrong. What I won’t accept are personal attacks about me.”

Twitter: I don’t even need to explain why I’m sharing this bit of uplifting news. What’s funny to me is you might be looking at a “potentially sensitive content” warning before clicking and it’s literally just two men hugging.