Betty Who Reminds Us ‘She Can Dance’

Betty Who Reminds Us ‘She Can Dance’
Betty Who (promo photo)

Betty Who  drops the totally infectious new single, “She Can Dance,” from her upcoming album BIG!

She Can Dance” is about as autobiographical as I could get,” Betty says about the single. “I knew making this album that the stories had to be true, that it had to feel scary and more vulnerable than ever. So without further ado, I present to you a retelling of the facts of my life as I see them.”

“She was never perfect, but at least she tried and had a great time along the way. I hope “She Can Dance” makes you feel like YOU can dance through the trying times.”

“She Can Dance” shares Who’s journey struggling in New York and pushing through career disappointments. By the hooky chorus, though, Who is firm in her confidence that “she can dance, dance, dance, even when it’s raining, when the sky was falling down.”

The euphoric synth-pop is as vulnerable as it is catchy. And Who’s vocals are buoyant and bright.

The music video doesn’t go for any elaborate backdrop, just Betty and a diverse crew of talented dancers. Director Aerin Moreno’s vision places all the emphasis on the singer’s story and infectious dance moves.

I really like.

Check out “She Can Dance” and look for the new album BIG! available October 14.

Cover art for Betty Who's new album BIG!