Eric Trump Blames Texas Freezing On Biden?

Eric Trump blames Biden for Texas freezing
Eric Trump (screen capture)

Eric Trump, son of “the former guy,” told viewers of Fox News this morning that President Biden’s policies are what’s “causing Texas to freeze.”

Of course, that’s not true in the least.

President Biden hasn’t made any policy changes at this point that would affect energy policies in the Lone Star state, let alone Texas freezing.

Texas went through its horrific week of water and electricity outages because of frozen natural gas lines that weren’t properly winterized.

“Texas largely relies on natural gas – especially during times of high demand–to power the state,” reports the Texas Tribune. “Experts say natural gas infrastructure, from pumping it out of the ground to the plants in city centers, was unprepared for the plunging temperatures brought by the winter storm.”

That’s what was behind Texas freezing.

But all of that might be a little over Eric’s head.

Heck, he still believes there are “75, 80 million people who would follow my father to the end of the earth.” To the end of the earth…?