Ugly Betty reunion: Vanessa Williams backstage on Broadway with Michel Urie at “How To Succeed…”

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Vanessa Williams on the set of Desperate Housewives

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One word: Gorgeous!

New book from Vanessa Williams and mother: “You Have No Idea”

So excited to read the new book by Vanessa Williams and her mother, Helen.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA is the highly anticipated first book from award winning singer and actress Vanessa Williams and her mother Helen.

Vanessa and Helen discuss it all: from becoming the first black Miss America in 1983 and the controversy that followed, to her debut and success on Broadway, and her resurgence in recent years on network television in Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. Vanessa has proven she has serious staying power, and as readers will learn, that survivor mentality and resilience is inherited from her mother, Helen.

No stone is left unturned. Filled with personal family photos and mementos, YOU HAVE NO IDEA is an empowering celebration of the love between a mother and daughter and the lives, thus far, of two women who have consistently defied the odds to achieve success—no matter how uncertain their paths might have been.

As readers of The Randy Report know, Vanessa and I went to college together and we’ve been good friends ever since. With all the fantastic success she’s experienced in every medium you can imagine, she has remained the same down to earth, comfortable friend to me and all of us who know her. She’s really wonderful, and so is her mother Helen, who I met during the first year Vanessa and I were at Syracuse University. Helen loves to tell it like it is.  Both are great fun.

I really encourage everyone to read the new book. It’s sure to entertain and touch you. Release date is April 17th.

Check it out on Amazon.

Vanessa Williams honored as “Icon of Style”

Last night I attended a reunion of several of my Syracuse University classmates at the College of Visual and Performing Arts Gala 2011 to honor Vanessa Williams as this year’s “Icon of Style.”

The fantastic event featured a fashion show of the top collections from the fashion design program’s Class of 2011: Hannah Slocum, Syreeta Chantal Herbert, Torrey Hancock, LaTimberly Simone Johnson, Marteal Boniello, Sara Louise Coccioletti, Naomi S. Tilewick, Andrea McInnes, Jocelyn Tratta, Leilani Maldonado, Morgan Julia Bisignano and Dayna Shay Teitelbaum. I tried to take some photos of the terrific designs but a runway photog I’m not.

This was the first time since I left college I had seen a group of my classmates and we had an amazing time catching up over the evening. It was fantastic to see Gary, Tim, Mandy, Meri, Diane and Vanessa all together again.  Thanks to Vanessa for reaching out and getting us together. Let’s do it again next year!

With Vanessa 
Vanessa’s fabulous Jimmy Choo’s

Classmates: me, Meridith Struhl Nasjletti, Gary Jaffe, Vanessa Williams, Tim Thayer, Madeline Zeiberg and Diane Sims

The group!

Vanessa Williams accepting her “Icon of Style Award”

At the end of the evening – one more hug before we go