News Round-Up: December 23, 2019

Alex Abramov (image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Alex Abramov (above) offers this quickie #instagay take on getting ready for the holidays: remove shirt, add Russian fur hat and lights, shoot.

OUT: The mother of a child who committed suicide due to excessive bullying has sued the school on the basis of neglect and creating a hostile environment for LGBTQ students.

Instinct: The streaming giant teased its upcoming true crime documentary based on the real-life story of bisexual pro football player turned murderer, Aaron Hernandez.

• Christianity Today: The president of the evangelical magazine supported his editor in chief’s recent op-ed calling for the removal of Donald Trump. “The global Body of Christ — and the community of evangelicals — is vastly larger than our domestic political squabbles. But partly on behalf of that global body, we can no longer stay silent. We write for a readership of One. God is our Tower. Let the whirlwind come.”

The Verge: Theaters are receiving a new version of Cats with “some improved visual effects,” just days after it premiered to dismal reviews. Last-minute tweaks apparently left room for mistakes like Judy Dench’s human hand slipping through unnoticed.

• AP News: After Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused Mayor Pete Buttigieg of holding fundraising events in “wine caves” serving $900 bottles of wine, the owners of the venue that hosted the event pushed back. They say wine caves are common at wineries in Napa Valley because they’re good for storing wine at cool temperatures.; no $900 bottle of wine were served; and no one attended thinking they would become besties with Mayor Pete.

Advocate: Schitt’s Creek creator and star Dan Levy called out UK television channel 4Music for editing out same-sex moments from the series.

Will & Grace: Sean Hayes tweets a photo of the fab four taking a final bow as the last episode of Will & Grace was shot, and the unexpected revival of the hit sitcom comes to a close.

News Round-Up: September 17, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

KIT212: Kenneth-in-the-212’s ‘Tennis Tuesday‘ serves up some serious booty workout tips from hunky Australian trainer, Coach Clayton (above). Definitely worth the click here.

NewNowNext: The 5th season of the acclaimed sitcom Schitt’s Creek will debut on Netflix on October 10, with the sixth and final installment to drop in January. The series, heralded for its positive portrayal of LGBTQ life, is nominated for 3 Emmy Awards this weekend. It is the first Canadian sitcom to receive an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Series.

Variety: After snagging another Emmy Award this past weekend (for her guest appearance on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) Jane Lynch told reporters she and Cyndi Lauper are set to co-star in a new Netflix series that will be “a Golden Girls for today.”

The Sun: Nicole Scherzinger has accepted a reported ‘multi-million pound’ offer to rejoin her former Pussycat Dolls band mates for a 10th anniversary reunion/world tour.

Merriam-Webster: The venerable dictionary has announced a new definition for the word ‘they’ in referencing the gender identity of nonbinary people.

PBS: Longtime ABC News political reporter Cokie Roberts passed away at the age of 75 from complications due to breast cancer. She was NPR’s congressional correspondent for more than a decade beginning in 1978, and co-anchored ABC’s “This Week” from 1996 to 2002.

•  Roll Call: 13 House Republicans have announced they will not be running for reelection in 2020.

TVLine: Shortly after comedian Shane Gillis was announced to join the cast of Saturday Night Live this season, footage of racist and homophobic ‘jokes’ by Gillis surfaced and SNL reversed their casting decision. Gillis initially issued one of those ‘I apologize if anyone was actually offended’ statements, but then followed up with a bitter little tweet saying he was “always a MADtv kind of guy” anyway.

p.s. MADtv got cancelled, too, so…maybe he is that kind of guy.

News Round-Up: April 9, 2019

• InstaHunk Thara (above) is getting pumped up for the summer circuit (and I don't mean weight training).

Some news items you might have missed:

• InstaHunk Thara (above) is getting pumped up for the summer circuit (and I don’t mean weight training).

• Quartz reports “former agency officials,” said White House adviser Stephen Miller would leak the monthly number of immigrants apprehended at the border to the Washington Examiner, who would then publish a story about the high numbers.

He would then print out the story and give it to Donald Trump. After seeing the story, Trump would then “pick up the phone and blast (Homeland Secretary) Nielsen.

• FX has announced that the second season of Pose will premiere June 9 at 9pm. The network also confirmed that the second season will time jump to 1990 with vogueing about to the day Madonna released her music video for “Vogue,” causing the ball culture to “reevaluate their goals.”

• Rosie O’Donnell says she greatly regrets giving Ladies Who Punch author Ramin Setoodeh 20 minutes of her time. In those minutes, she revealed she was sexually abused by her father, that she had “a little bit of a crush” on former colleague Elisabeth Hasselbeck and described working with Whoopi Goldberg as “The worst experience I’ve ever had on live television.”

• A tire company in Colorado is paying a transgender man $60,000 and writing a letter of apology after it settled a sex discrimination lawsuit.

• Don’t miss the season finale of Schitt’s Creek on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on POP.

[Spoiler alert] Last week’s episode gave us quite the moment:

Netflix: Season 5 Of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Gets Even More Gay (Yay!)

Noah Reid and Dan Levy in 'Schitt's Creek'
Noah Reid and Dan Levy in ‘Schitt’s Creek’

We’re so excited for the new trailer for the upcoming 5th season of the Netflix series Schitt’s Creek.

In case you haven’t been watching the show (and you really should be), the series follows the Rose family, a formerly wealthy family (video store magnate Johnny and soap opera star wife Moira) who find they’re almost broke after an employee embezzles their money.

The only asset they are left with turns out to be ownership of a small town, named Schitt’s Creek, Johnny bought years ago as a joke.

The Roses are forced to relocate to the small town with their two spoiled children, daughter Alexis and uber-gay son David, leaving their pampered, wealthy lives behind.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara star as the parents, and Levy’s real-life son Dan Levy co-created the series and plays David alongside Annie Murphy’s Alexis.


Speaking to the Toronto Star, Dan (who’s openly gay) shared that the fan base for the series is very wide ranging – from seniors to teens, from Democrats to Republicans.

In fact, he says “some of the most touching feedback” has come from conservative, religious viewers who’ve never “understood” the LGBTQ community.

They’d never had an in to that world before, and they’ve fallen in love with the characters,” says Dan. “If we can continue to open people’s eyes to realize that everyone’s deserving of love, that’s a wonderful thing.”

He also celebrates the creative freedom he and the show’s creative staff has enjoyed in exploring gay storylines.

From The Toronto Star:

“As a gay person to tell these stories and to have no questions asked and no notes from network and to feel completely uninhibited in saying, ‘This is a gay couple on TV; they’re going to kiss like any straight couple would” — it’s amazing.

“Gay relationships have historically not been treated the same as straight relationships. You don’t see the same kind of sexuality, intimacy, kissing, because it’s been considered taboo or headline-grabbing for so long. I love that we’ve been able to just tell a relationship as it is, as it exists, for me, for my friends, for people I know, for people out in the world, that doesn’t come with a lesson to be learned. It’s just two people loving each other.”

Calling the show’s 4th season a “midpoint,” Levy feels the series has a “whole half a football field to go” in exploring Schitt’s Creek’s characters.

Season 5 of Schitt’s Creek drops on Netflix January 16. Watch the trailer below.

(h/t Toronto Star)