Rush Limbaugh: Boys Are Having Less Sex Because Being Gay Portrayed As “Fun, Hip, Natural”

Last week, Rush Limbaugh told his diminishing radio audience that teenage boys today are having less sex because being gay is being portrayed in the media as “fun, hip, natural… you name it.”

Via Towleroad:

On his radio show, Limbaugh says that although 30 years ago a fall in the number of teens having sex would have been seen as a good thing, in 2015 it’s a problem because we “have turned boys into…bullies…predators…or pajama boys.”

He goes on to argue that while heterosexual porn is portrayed as violent and aggressive towards women, gay sex is seen as “loving, sensitive, fun, hip, natural normal [and] cool.”

He concludes that confused teens will therefore choose to become gay because the “lifestyle” is constantly pushed at them.

I’ve personally never met a man (or teenager) who was truly straight say, “Hey, that gay stuff looks cool. Let me try some of that.”


Rush Limbaugh Calls Young Gay “Human Of New York” Photo Phony

Rush Limbaugh, apparently upset that Hillary Clinton opted to be supportive to a young gay in NYC who’s photo went viral this past weekend on the Humans of New York Facebook page, says the whole episode is phony.

From his rapidly declining radio show yesterday:

LIMBAUGH: Where the Clintons are concerned, there are no coincidences with the Clintons. There just aren’t any. And I feel very confident and safe speculating that this whole thing is as phony as it gets. We’re supposed to believe a photographer walking the streets of New York City sees this kid crying on his stoop, then takes his picture? And then the kid says to the photographer, ‘I’m crying about my future because I’m gay and I’m really worried about my future and I don’t think I’m going to be loved and it’s going to be really hard out there.’ The kid looks like he’s 8 or 9. You know who the kid looks like? The kid looks like the kid that was in the gay pride parade last week — picture we showed, his mom proudly had him out there dressed up in some kind of rainbow colored drag queen get-up with a Roman crown of whatever on his head. This kid looks exactly like that kid. I’m not saying it’s the same kid. I’m just saying that’s what this 8-year-old looks like… Anyway, it’s just a little too convenient.

Rush Limbaugh: I never called for Obama’s impeachment (except when I did three weeks ago)

Rush Limbaugh is complaining that he has never called for President Obama’s impeachment, and CNN is unfairly lumping him in with other right wing lunatics who have.

From Media Matters:

On the July 15 edition of CNN’s CNN Tonight, senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns highlighted Rush Limbaugh’s attacks against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, likening his “combative tone” to Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment.

Limbaugh responded on the July 16 edition of his radio show, insisting that the news segment unfairly lumped him in to an extreme group, saying “I haven’t spoken in favor of impeachment,” and “I never talked about [Obama] being born in Kenya”:

Except, he TOTALLY did. Take a listen to a clip from Rush’s June 24th show:

Rush Limbaugh says Katrina was one of the most effective emergency responses in our history

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh surprised many by proclaiming the FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as “one of the most effective emergency responses in our history.”

“And by the way folks, there’s another thing, and I challenge anybody to independently verify this: The FEMA U.S. government response, to Katrina, was one of the most massive, one of the fastest, and one of the most effective emergency responses in our history.

“Go, independently verify that, if you doubt me. I imagine even some of you in the audience who would call yourselves conservative Republicans are saying, “Rush, be careful now, you know that’s not true.” You probably think it’s not true because you believe, it’s been stated for so long, it’s been the conventional wisdom for so long, that the post-Katrina response was a disaster, and it wasn’t.

“It was government behaving, actually, as well as it can, in one of the acknowledged roles that government, when done right, may be best at, this kind of massive mobilization of resources, to be able to…

“I’ll tell you this; the post-Katrina response was far more massive, far more sensible, far more effective, than what is being done at the border today to handle this humanitarian crisis. The FEMA response post Katrina was far better and more effective and more efficient than anything that’s happened during the Obama years.

“But I know that you don’t believe that. And I know you think I’m on shaky ice saying it, but it is the truth! The reason you don’t believe it is because they were able to demonize the FEMA director at the time, a guy named Brown, Mike Brown, who did say something stupid, when asked a question, all it took was one stupid answer to a question and they were able to create a narrative that the entire Bush administration was stupid and incompetent and ineffective and that the whole response to Katrina was an outrage and that there practically wasn’t one, and folks, it just isn’t the case.”

You may recall the avalanche of criticism the Bush administration received for the slow, plodding, aimless way FEMA handled the catastrophe.

But who knows? Rush may think Britney Spears is a vocal wunderkind…

Listen to Rush in the clip below:

(via Media Matters)

Rush Limbaugh on gay players in the NFL showers

Now you KNOW this was coming.

Regarding the news of newly out potential NFL draftee Michael Sam, Rush Limbaugh ponders the presence of a gay man in a men’s locker room shower. 

As if THAT’s never happened.

Because men, gay or straight I guess, couldn’t possibly hold themselves back from coming on to anyone of the sex to which they are attracted???

LIMBAUGH: By the way, I probably shouldn’t ask this, but if it’s OK for a man who has sex with other men to be in a shower in an NFL locker room with other men, is it OK for a guy to be in a shower with women?

I hear that many husbands and wives/boyfriends and girlfriends ‘encounter’ each other in the shower now and then.  And I have no problem with that.  Gotta mix it up, you know? 

I will say though – Rushbo’s very first line on the audio sounds like he’s doing a comedy routine.

Now that you think of it…

(via Media Matters)

Rush Limbaugh: First Lady Michelle Obama is fat

Today, on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh made fun of First Lady Michelle Obama as over-weight while he perused a picture from last night’s state dinner with French President Francois Hollande.

“There is Michelle Obama and the $12,000 gown by Carolina Herrera, and the French president Hollande is in the middle, and there’s Obama. You’ll notice that this dress is bigger than the president of France.

“Here, let me make one more adjustment here and I’ll show you this again. Take a look at that picture. The little guy in the middle is the socialist dictator — well, not dictator. He’s the socialist president of France.

“On the left, that’s not Oprah. Don’t confuse that. That’s Michelle Obama. I saw a picture of this from the rear. That’s why I thought it was Oprah. I did.”

Limbaugh and other right wing conservative nuts are very, very perturbed that the Obamas hosted a formal state dinner while the president campaigns against income inequality.

Now – those inconvenient facts that right wingers don’t like to acknowledge:

Last night’s event was only the 6th state dinner during the Obama’s time in the White House.

Ronald Reagan hosted 35 state dinners during his two terms.

The first President Bush held more than 20 state dinners in his one term in office.

(h/t JMG)

Rush Limbaugh on the Grammy Awards: “It was horrible; it was despicable”

Rush Limbaugh, predictably, hated everything about last night’s Grammy Awards show.

His review? “It was horrible; it was despicable.”

In a rambling rant, Rushbo bounced from one topic to another never connecting any of them. From Katy Perry being “dressed like a witch and burned at the stake,” to straight and gay couples, young and old, being married during a performance of 4-time Grammy Award winner Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love.”

Rush decried the hateful attack of the lyrics of “Same Love” on conservatives: “The right-wing conservatives think it’s a decision / And you can be cured with some treatment and religion.”

To be honest, isn’t that EXACTLY what right-wing conservatives think?

Limbaugh also drums up the previously reported musings of former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron who lamented the “demonic” nature of the show.

Take a listen above (audio only) if you need to be reminded how someone makes millions blabbering all day long to himself.

Keep in mind, though – this guy runs the Republican party.