Out Music: Kyle Motsinger ‘Retro’

Kyle Motsinger in 'Retro'
Singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger is bored with today’s clothing styles. Missing the bolder and more colorful fashions of the past, Motsinger realized he wanted to dunk his junk in some throwback funk and disco.

Born to a beat that folks can wiggle to, Motsinger’s new single, “Retro,” is a fun, upbeat bop that puts deep emotional thoughts aside for a moment.

(screen capture from ‘Retro’)

Instead, our musical ginger hero conjures up scenes of summer parties and high-flying style amid funky disco rhythms and sassy-as-summer horns.

I need to make the outside match the me inside
I need to look further back when clothes were amplified
Dress me up in Retro Oh Oh / Keep those boring threads away
I can’t get no….Oh no / No joy from clothes today 

In the music video (directed by Tyler Jensen), Motsinger dives into his own fashion fantasia at Hamlet’s Vintage in Manhattan. He’s assisted in his ‘retro review’ by drag queen Michael ‘Pickles’ Wakefield as the vintage store clerk.

Also adding aid to the many lewks are Addam Moreno (stylist) and Ari Rosenbaum (makeup).

“Retro” is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Download the new single from iTunes here.

You can check out my previous coverage of Motsinger’s music here, and look for his live performances in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in July and August.

Kyle Motsinger in ‘Retro’


Kyle Motsinger Is Done With 2020 & Ready To ‘Dance This Out!’

Kyle Motsinger is ready to say goodbye to 2020
Kyle Motsinger is ready to say goodbye to 2020
Kyle Motsinger in ‘Dance This Out!’

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger drops his new single and music video, “Dance This Out!”

The video, directed by Tyler Milliron of Milliron Studios, features Motsinger twirling in his own mylar-curtained ‘ballroom for one’ as he sips his New Year’s Eve bubbly solo.

“It’s how I think everyone must feel at the end of this awful year,” says Motsinger. “The song came from the idea that dancing can relieve stress and make you feel better. It’s actually scientifically proven!”

The track is from Motsinger’s second album, Any Way I Want It To. After an introspective debut album, Motsinger tells Instinct, “I wanted to let loose and have fun.”

Considering the year that was 2020, the song took on a new meaning for the singer by the year’s end.

“We have all ‘weathered the storm’ and feel like we’ve been hit by a speeding train,” said the sassy ginger. “It’s time to dance this year out!”

With vocal production by fellow singer/songwriter Corey TuT and music production by Smoke and Mirrors, Motsinger was thrilled with the results declaring the track to be his “most club-ready electronic song.”

Hit the play button and bust a few moves as we say goodbye to 2020.

“Dance This Out!” is available on iTunes and other digital download sites.

I recently covered the release of Motsinger’s dystopian “The Upside Down” here.

Cover image for 'Any Way I Want To'

Out Music: Kyle Motsinger Warns Of A Dark, Dystopian World In ‘The Upside Down’

New York City-based singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger has dropped a dark new music video in time for Halloween and the Election! The track is titled “The Upside Down” and is the latest single from his new album, Any Way I Want It To!

“When the world shut down due to a deadly pandemic I was left unemployed but inspired,” says Motsinger. “I wanted to create and document what we were going through. I said to a friend that I felt like we were living in the Upside Down from the hit show, “Stranger Things.”

The Upside Down is a shadowy alternative of our world on “Stranger Things” that is full of monsters. In our real-life version, says Motsinger, we’ve “had to deal with an incompetent and selfish president and a deadly virus that has gone on to kill over 220,000 (so far) in the United States alone.”

Kyle Motsinger in ‘The Upside Down’

The 80s-inspired, synth-heavy track conjures up an atmosphere of dark, dystopian dread:

This is life in the upside down
Humanity enslaved by greedy orange clown
Hang your Christmas lights
I’m calling from the other side
Something bad is coming and I have no place to hide
I’m lost, lost in the upside down

Motsinger shot and edited the video all on his own due to time constraints on his usual cinematographer (and a lack of a budget without a Stimulus package being passed by Congress). BUT – the woofy ginger adds, “I think it proves that you can make magic happen if you have a little creativity and some colored lights!”

The new track and album are available on iTunes here and you can stream via Spotify here.

Hit the play button below, and check out my previous coverage of Kyle Mostsinger’s music on The Randy Report here.

This Furry Ginger Drops The Beat And The (Body) Shame

L-R Melody Betts, Kyle Motsinger (screen capture from ‘No Shame’)

NYC-based indie singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger releases the music video to his newest single, “No Shame.”

The new single, which has a positive message of self-love, is available now on iTunes, so check out this exclusive peek at the colorful music video and song today.

It’s worth noting in 2017, Attitude Magazine conducted a body survey that revealed 84% of people said they felt under “intense pressure” to have a so-called “good body.”

Motsinger opens the song with just a few of the self-doubts (hair, body image, body hair) many people, especially in the LGBTQ community, might experience in terms of judging ourselves (and others!) on a daily basis.

But then, this furry ginger drops the beat and the shame:

My body is beautiful (Tell myself every day)
My body is beautiful (No matter what critics say)
My body is beautiful (No one can take that away)
My body is beautiful (Can’t tell me that I don’t slay)

Motsinger teams up with singer/actor Melody Betts for the upbeat, disco-tastic track. Audiences will recognize Betts from the acclaimed Jesus Christ Superstar Live! on NBC, and the Broadway production of Sara Bareilles’s Waitress. The video also co-stars Mark Oleszko/Lyra Vega, & Larry Darnell Penn Whitfield.

On top of being a banging pop bop, the message of the song takes stares down negative feelings of self-image in high style.

I recently chatted with the furry ginger about the new track and why messaging about body positivity seems to be improving in the LGBTQ community.

The Randy Report: What was the inspiration behind writing the song?

Kyle Motsinger: “No Shame” was a response to some criticism I was getting from my conservative family about performances I was doing in NYC that were either more burlesque in nature or featured outfits that were revealing. I’ve gotten to a point where I sometimes feel pretty confident about my body. I say sometimes because there are always days where I maybe don’t feel as fearless as I’d like to be. I wrote this song because I think bodies are beautiful and I don’t think it’s indecent to tastefully show them off. Of course, I probably have a different definition of “tasteful” than some.

TRR: You really embrace a groovy disco vibe (which I love). Is that just your innate musical style or is it about meshing a certain message to music? 

KM: I’m glad you love it! I love dipping my toe into different musical styles for different songs. For me, the story of the song dictates the feel of it. Disco felt right for an anthem about loving your body. My second album is full of an eclectic mix of musical styles. I sum that up in the title song. My music sounds “Any Way I Want It To.” It’s a little sassy and I love that.

L-R Larry Darnell Penn Whitfield, Melody Betts, Mark Oleszko/Lyra Vega (screen capture)

TRR: Social messaging to combat body shaming seems to have become more mainstream. Do you think so? Or no?

KM: I think it has and I’m really glad! There’s always been an image of what you’re supposed to strive for. Diversity has never been very prevalent in terms of body image. I see it changing though. Even in the gay community, I’m seeing more love for bears, trans people, and people of color. We still have work to do though. It was important to me that the music video for “No Shame” showed racial and body diversity. The world is more diverse than media would lead you to believe. It is getting better though.

Kyle Motsinger dropped his debut album, “Far Away,” in 2017 and hasn’t looked back releasing several stand-alone singles including “Dark Shadows.”

The indie artist has performed all over NYC in venues like the Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, the Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama, and the Folsom Street East Festival.

You can find “No Shame” and all of Motsinger’s previous releases on iTunes here.

Follow the proud, furry ginger on social media:

Out Music: Kyle Motsinger ‘Whenever’

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger drops his latest music video, “Whenever,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As folks think on celebrating their relationships, Motsinger says his new bop is about being single and being ok with waiting for the right someone.

I chatted with the talented ginger about the track, his plans for V-Day and more.

The Randy Report: Your new music video, “Whenever,” is way cute. What was the inspiration behind the project?

Kyle Motsinger: Thank you! I started thinking a few months ago that “Whenever” could be a great Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day video. I think about how fun that holiday was in grade school. I remembered making construction paper hearts and other crafts in class. The hanging hearts in the video are straight out of my first-grade class!

Everything else fell into place. I found a great photography space in Brooklyn called Egg Studios that had multiple colored backdrops and my director, Tyler Milliron, (Milliron Studios) got the idea to do stick puppets from a production of Beauty and the Beast that he filmed the prologue for. I liked the theatricality of that. This video is very me. haha

TRR: It seems every romantic comedy and pop song promotes finding “fulfillment” in a relationship as if being single is a ‘tragedy.’ But “Whenever” comes across like the ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ song for folks who are single and doing A-okay. Was that your message?

KM: Well, it’s not exactly anti-Valentine’s Day. I’m totally happy for couples celebrating it. I also think loving yourself and your loved ones should be celebrated on that day and every day. See my video for “Love on Each Other!

However, it’s definitely also a singles anthem and a message to those who are single to not worry about it. It’ll happen “Whenever” it happens.

TRR: There’s a lot of truth in your lyric, “When you least expect it, that’s when hearts collide.” I remember desperately wanting a boyfriend years ago. Honest to god, it wasn’t until I let go of that that I met my husband (of 25 years now).

KM: I love that! Congrats on 25 years! My last and most serious relationship happened when I wasn’t looking. I’m definitely on a few dating apps but I don’t check them much and haven’t really dated from them. I’d rather spend “Some Enchanted Evening” seeing “a stranger across a crowded room.” There’s that musical theatre again!

TRR: Since we’re talking about romantical situations, inquiring minds want to know – are you coupled up or happily single?

I’m happily single and have been for a few years. I won’t say no to someone that comes into my life if they’re the right one.

TRR: Besides releasing your new music video, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

KM: I’ll be with my friends at a party. I love them dearly so there won’t be a lack of heart in my Valentine’s Day! Thanks, Randy! I hope you and your husband have a great one too!

I love Kyle’s creative approach to his music and videos. I most recently shared his “Parallel Universes” music video in November.

Check out the uber-upbeat music video for “Whenever” below. You can find the track on iTunes here.

New Music: Kyle Motsinger Considers The Road Not Taken In ‘Parallel Universe’

L-R Sam Perwin, Kyle Motsinger (photo: Tyler William Milliron)

Raised in Illinois, out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger picked up and moved to the big, bad city – New York – to follow his dreams as soon as he could.

But in his latest single, “Parallel Universe,” Motsinger considers what his path would have been like had he stayed in his hometown:

In a parallel universe I stayed / After college I moved back to town / No other plans were made / Got a job, got a dog right by my side / Settling for a slower life / Completely satisfied / Wouldn’t know any better, any worse, In that parallel universe  

Then there’s the other side of the ‘what if’ coin – what if Motsinger’s hometown beau moved with him to the big city?

Opportunities I couldn’t find here / In a town not ruled by courage but by fear / In another universe you moved with me / We rented an apartment in the heart of NYC / We’d explore the city side-by-side / End our days making love completely satisfied

“I wrote ‘Parallel Universe’ after an encounter with a former lover while visiting family for the holidays in Illinois,” says the handsome artist. “I started imagining different scenarios in which we could be together. It felt like each scenario was a different parallel universe. What if there were multiple versions of us out there that were living these scenarios? I do love a good science fiction story!”

L-R Sam Perwin, Kyle Motsinger (screen capture)

On first listen, I felt like the song had a sense of theatrical story-telling to it, in a similar vein as some classic Billy Joel songs. And it seems that it wasn’t my imagination.

“I was also more than a little bit inspired by the play/movie, Rabbit Hole, written by David Lindsay-Abaire,” shares Motsinger. “I wrote it as a pop/rock ballad and worked with fellow singer/songwriter Corey Tut to get the sound right in the studio. Chris Bonner recorded bass and Adam Stoler recorded guitars while on the road with the Broadway musical, Come From Away.

So, yes, there is a pedigree of theatrical roots to the track.

Motsinger says he hopes “this song makes you think about how choices can lead to many different outcomes.”

I previously showcased Motsinger’s disco-tastic “Love On Each Other” featuring big dance beats and slinky 1970s strings.

“Parallel Universe” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital music platforms.

News Round-Up: September 9, 2019

L-R Shannen Doherty, me, Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth, Michael Caprio

Some news items you might have missed:

Monday Memory: One of those “Can you believe this is happening?” moments – back when Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering was the celebrity guest host of Chippendales here in Las Vegas, and his two 90210 co-stars Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth came to see Ian in the show. This was snapped backstage before the show. #Goodtimes

Yahoo News: Four months before the wedding of a gay couple in the UK, the mother of one of the grooms received an anonymous note claiming it was the ‘consensus of the village’ that if the wedding was going to happen then “it should do so far, far away from the village.” The mother did not tell her son before the nuptials, but police are investigating the homophobic note.

OUT: Only five of the long list of Democratic presidential candidates have confirmed for both of the upcoming LGBTQ-centric events – the GLAAD-sponsored LGBTQ presidential forum in Iowa, and the HRC-sponsored LGBTQ CNN Town Hall.

TIME: Hollywood’s wonder gay Ryan Murphy has announced he is adapting the legendary Broadway musical A Chorus Line into a 10-episode miniseries for Netflix. #Hmmm

Hollywood Reporter: The cast and creators of the CW series Riverdale, as well as actress Octavia Spencer, will be honored at this year’s GLSEN Respect Awards on October 25 in Los Angeles.

•  Out Music: Last month, I shared out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger’s groovy anthem for positivity, “Love On Each Other,” and today he drops the equally groovilicious music video.

He’s paired his 70s disco beat bop with images of hippie love kids dancing and prancing in the park. Check it out below.

Out Music: Kyle Motsinger “Love On Each Other”

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger just released his latest single, "Love On Each Other," in advance of his upcoming album to be released this winter.

Out singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger just released his latest single, a groovy, bouncy bop titled “Love On Each Other,” in advance of his upcoming album to be released this winter.

Working with producer and collaborator Corey Tut, the track features big disco beats and slinky 70s strings making for an upbeat affair – which was Motsinger’s goal.

The artist says current headlines of “crowds chanting against immigrants” and “transgender people being murdered in the streets” inspired him to counter that with some positivity.

“It’s a sneak peek of the more upbeat sound I’m cultivating for my Sophomore album that will be released this winter,” says Motsinger. “I hope everyone takes away from the song that we have the power to change the world if we open our hearts and ‘Love on Each Other!’”

You can currently find the track on Amazon and Spotify.

Check it out below.

News Round-Up: July 31, 2019

(image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: So, I went to take a selfie after working out at the gym today (cause I hear that’s what you’re supposed to do), but I somehow ended up with a snap of woofy Jeff Ferreira (above). And everyone is all the better for it…

Journal-Constitution: Police have arrested Shaleeya Moore and Joshua Ellis in connection with the shooting death of Ronald “Trey” Peters, a 28-year-old gay social worker in Decatur, Georgia.  A third suspect is still being sought.

CNN: After the Federal Reserve cut interest rates a quarter point, the Dow dropped 450 points following comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell who said not to expect any further rate cuts.

Kenneth-in-the-212: It’s Hump Day! And that means it’s ‘Wrestle Wednesday’ over at Kenneth’s blog! Yay!

New York Times: Students who said they were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity were significantly less likely to get any relief from the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights under the Trump administration than they were under the Obama administration

IMF: There are more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills. And most are held abroad.

Twitter: When the wave pool operator gets drunk and moves the setting to “Tsunami.” According to reports, 44 people were injured in Yanbian, Manchuria (Eastern China) when the malfunction occurred.